Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “Molly’s New Shoes”

Lots of laughs in this latest episode of Mike & Molly. Who knew that Molly had it in her to ditch Mike and go on a shopping spree. Usually she’s the level-headed one, but in tonight’s episode the two get into a fight with Mike taking off in the mall. Initially on the look out for a guy wearing new pants with a security tag still hanging off of the leg, Molly gives up her quick search and buys more than just shoes.

Her impromptu shopping spree was not only funny but therapeutic. Gabbing away to anyone that will listen, Molly tells the “busting balls” nail lady and the make-up counter saleswoman her troubles over Mike and his mom’s possible wedding and move to Arizona. Meanwhile Mike makes himself comfortable at the information desk in the mall with a security guard who couldn’t become a real cop because his parents ran a meth lab growing up. It looks like Mike can hold off on those new pants he was shopping for as he sits and eats candy to soothe his nerves.

Mike is really eaten up over his captain’s proposal to his mom who could be moving away if she goes along with her new husband’s plan. The move would mean selling the house Mike grew up in and the thought brings up some hilarious but fond memories of growing up with his parents whose marital fights consisted of lighter fluid in the face.

Of course Molly doesn’t get what all of the fuss is over with Mike. Molly seems glad over the possibility of getting rid of her evil mother in law while Mike is worried that his mother is being pushed around. Finally meeting up in the mall, Molly whips her bags to the side, popping a concerned expression on her face for Mike’s benefit. After arguing more on the way home, the two end up at Mike’s mother’s house to see her new engagement ring. ironically Mike doesn’t have to worry over his mother getting pushed around as Peggy makes it clear to the captain that she isn’t moving anywhere.