How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Review “Weekend at Barney’s”

As far as I’m concerned, there was not nearly enough footage of Barney’s nightmares in this week’s How I Met Your Mother. The little bits we got of Ted, Marshall, and Barney’s “Weekend at Barney’s” adventures were spot-on, hilarious parodies.

Barney’s anxiety over his unused playbook ideas happened to coincide with Ted’s breakup with crazy Jeannette. Right as Ted was about to do the typical Ted thing and crawl back to Jeannette, Barney and his back up copy of the Playbook intervened. Ted became Barney’s way of acting out plays from his playbook without technically violating the rules of his relationship with Robin.

Ted acting out Barney’s pick up schemes at the bar made for some of the greatest laughs of the night. I loved the fact that Ted was more comfortable looking like a crazy person in a hospital robe than he was with using “my penis” as the closer for his pick up lines.

I suppose I wasn’t all that surprised that Barney had a back up copy of the Playbook, but I was a little bit disappointed that he was so sloppy about his cover up. Robin had good reason to be angry, but Barney sort of did have a point in his speech about the fact that he had always been a habitual liar. I was somewhat surprised that Barney didn’t end up telling her that the second playbook was all part of a scheme to get Ted to forever close the book on Jeanette, but I suppose that if Robin couldn’t accept the fact that Barney loved to live a life of fiction, she couldn’t really accept Barney for everything he was. Robin and Barney’s relationship isn’t exactly a formula for a healthy marriage, but considering both these people’s histories, there’s something to be said about the two of them being willing to accept one another with all their flaws.

Lily and Marshall had a side story that left me craving a bag of Skittles. Marshall’s attempts to fit in with the art crowd failed miserably thanks to his awkward puns and bad jokes, but the more uncomfortable things got for him, the funnier things got for us. The sound of those Skittles falling out of Marshall’s pockets as he stood there stoically during the moment of silence was a great little gag.

We already knew how things would end with Jeanette so there was no surprise when things literally came down in flames around Ted. Now it’s just a matter of getting us to Robin and Barney’s wedding so we can finally see Ted meet the mother of his children on How I Met Your Mother.