Deception Season 1 Review “Stay with Me” – The Story Deepens Ever Still

Last week, I was very interested in/concerned about the direction Deception was going to go, since it seemed like there was nothing more the show would be able to do aside from enter into the denouement. But, Monday’s episode, “Stay with Me,” proved me wrong–somehow, there’s still some story left to tell. Color me impressed.

Edward’s confession: This is what I thought would seriously be the death knell for the show. But, it just served as the catalyst for even more drama. Edward putting Robert and his drug company on the spot like that not only put the company in serious trouble, but it also brought out the real Robert, the Robert we’ve only been getting hints at. Now, to paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, the Game is, indeed, on.

Joanna’s bout with the Russian mafia: So, it appears Joanna stumbled onto a huge part of Robert’s deception. It’s not fact yet, but it’s looking like Robert might have some type of connections with the Russian mafia. The theory happening here is that Robert possibly had someone from the inside on hand to kill Vivian in order to stop her from going forward with her information. If this turns out to be true, I wonder if Haverstock knows about it, because this could be the one card Robert’s been holding out on him. Speaking of Haverstock:

Leukemia and deal-making: So, Haverstock’s been getting closer to Mia to see if her bone marrow’s a match. And here we thought he had one sentimental bone in his body. Of course, Mia’s “parents” don’t like that she’s been talking to Haverstock, but there’s not going to be much they can do about it; Robert’s just sold his soul to Haverstock again in order to X out Edward and keep his company intact. In exchange for the Bower company’s welfare, Haverstock agrees to give Robert the big piece of evidence in the whole Kimberly Yeager unsolved case–the bloody golf club. So, it seems Robert’s going to sell out his own son in order to get the heat off of him. That’s pretty low-down.

Also, we now know for sure that Kyle is working for Haverstock and Haverstock owns his soul, too.

More clues about Wyatt: So, we know Sofia had a past with Wyatt, that she’s paying criminals to keep him in jail, and married Robert for his money. Now that Will has dropped the bomb on Robert about Wyatt’s existence, he’s not only out to get Joanna (WHO FAILED HER POLYGRAPH TEST! More on that later) but Sofia’s also made the list. He totally saw through that lie she fed him. She’d better watch her back.

Failing the test: I knew there would be some type of thing that would really get Joanna busted. At first I thought it was going to be her own fault for sneaking in that apartment building behind Sofia, but it turns out Edward’s stunt, which caused the polygraph test to be administered, is the culprit. Now, Robert’s really got his claws dug into Joanna, and she doesn’t even realize it yet. She’s got to realize it by the next episode or she’s toast!

Audrey’s got some secrets The show really surprised me with Audrey’s flashback. So, she not only knew Ben, but she is somehow involved in all of this drug scandal. I’m eager to see just what her involvement is in this whole mess, because she sure is eager to cover up something.

I’m not mentioning anything about Joanna and Julian because whatever. I suppose I could sympathize with this relationship since we all have that one guy or girl (or two or three guys or girls) that somehow got away, either due to distance, time, their thick-headedness or our own ineptitude. But nine times out of 10, you’ve got to live with the shame and regret and move on, hoping to find that guy or girl that will be the true One for you. Anyway, this is a long-winded way of saying I despise their on-and-off romance. It’s really annoying.

So that’s it for this episode! They did what I thought they couldn’t do with the show and now I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next week!