Bunheads Interview: Julia Goldani Telles On Playing Sasha

Bunheads continues to entertain and dazzle with great characters and spectacular dancing and TV Equals was happy to speak with Julia Goldani Telles on what it’s like to play Sasha. TV Equals also learned more about what it takes to be a part of Bunheads and how Telles identifies with her character.

Tons of work

Telles described the amount of work she and the young cast have to do to prepare for Bunheads.

“We take private lessons so we get about 2.5 hours of dance classes per week, and that’s on top of our rehearsals for the weekly numbers,” she said. “We just work really, really hard for like three to five hours on the weekend, and then we shoot during the week.”

Even though there’s a lot of work, Telles isn’t complaining. “It’s really great. It’s such a unique opportunity. I didn’t realize that I’d get to do both at once,” she said. “It’s double the work but I’m definitely not complaining. I will do this forever. I’m in love with it.”

Roman and Sasha

Fans might be itching to know what is coming up for Sasha and Roman (Garrett Coffey) this season. Telles said that fans will be able to see their relationship evolving towards the next level.

“One thing that I really admire that Roman does with Sasha is that he tells it to her like it is, which she doesn’t get from a lot of other people in her life,” she said. “He understands her and he understands her insecurities and how she’s scared to be vulnerable, and he sees through her facade. I think he’s one of the few people that she’s really let in so he can be real with her and she can be real with him, and that’s very rare for Sasha to have a relationship like that…[T]hroughout this season we’ve seen their relationship sort of intensifying, and in this last episode especially she’s becoming more emotionally attached to him. With that comes wondering what comes next physically, which is why in this episode she starts obsessively researching about sex. But I think they’re friends first and foremost, which is super important.”

Favorite dance performance

With all the performances Telles has to do for the show, she does actually have a favorite.

“I think my favorite one, just because it was so impulsive and fun, was the ‘Istanbul (Not Constantinople)’ one because we learned it in three hours, and then we shot it the next day and none of us knew if it was going to be good or not and people like that. That was fun,” she said.

What attracted Telles to Bunheads

Telles wanted to play Sasha thanks to Amy Sherman-Palladino’s involvement.

“Amy Sherman-Palladino is famous for writing these idiosyncratic female characters. I mean nobody writes chicks like Amy does and Sasha is so complicated because you look at her and she’s talented, and she has this perfect ballet body, but she doesn’t realize the worth of it, and if she does she doesn’t care,” said Telles. “With ballet she’s sort of like this beautiful disaster, and I think the intricacy of her persona and her home life and how all of that ties in to her friendships—she’s just an intricate character, which I love about her, and also the fact that she’s rebellious and that’s just really fun to play. It’s fun to make trouble. It’s not fun to be a goody two-shoes I think. I’m a goody two-shoes in real life.”

Similarities and differences between Telles and Sasha

“We’re similar in that I think we share sort of similar dry humor and sarcasm, and also in the last episode of the season you see that Sasha’s really a planner and an over analyzer,” said Telles when discussing herself and her character. “I compulsively research everything before I do anything. I’m not impulsive at all, and she’s like that in that she’s thinking about having sex so she buys every book about sex ever written, and she’s on every website, and she’s asking everyone to talk to her about it. Whenever I make decisions about anything I do research like that.”

One of the main areas Telles and Sasha differ is their relationships with their parents.

“We’re different in that she has terrible parents, and I have great parents,” she said. “I think she’s a little bit more blunt than I am, although I’ve started noticing that if I play her for too long I start saying things that I wouldn’t otherwise, like I start losing my filter.”

How Telles relates to Sasha

Telles finds her way into the character of Sasha through Sasha’s honesty.

“I find her honesty very relatable, she has her façade of just being cool and not caring but she really feels things deeply. She’s very sensitive, and I think the people who are closest to her can sort of see through her façade, and see that she’s sort of just really, really hurting,” she said. “I think that’s what I admire about her is that there’s really no intended pretension. She’s just trying to figure out who she is and she’s really, really alone.”

“I think that she does a great job of taking care of herself in a situation where a lot of people would crack and turn to hardcore drugs and she’s not. She’s doing well for herself, and I admire that she’s maturing, and I really love that she’s honest with her friends,” she added. “She genuinely cares for people. She’s bonded with Michelle. They take care of each other. I remember in Episode 4 she bought new pointe shoes when Boo couldn’t get new ones because she couldn’t afford them. It’s just the little things that Sasha does that makes me love her.”

Bunheads airs Mondays at 9/8c on ABC Family. The season finale airs tonight Monday Feb 25 2013.

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