Bones Season 8 Review “The Fact in the Fiction” – Let’s Meet the New Squintern

Bones Season 8 Episode 17 The Fact in the Fiction

In this episode of Bones, called “The Fact in the Fiction,” the team tries to hunt down the killer of a victim who may or may not have been able to time travel, while also welcoming a new squintern in their midst.

Up until now, I thought they had every kind of intern you could imagine on this show. All of the squinterns are so unique and unusual that I figured there couldn’t be another one out there that would fit in with the group, but they proved me wrong in this episode. The more I watched Wells interacting with everyone in the lab, the more I saw that he was kind of a mix of everyone. He had Brennan’s intelligence, but was just as easily at home doing wacky experiments with Hodgins. Even Booth, Cam and Angela had their moments with the guy where they found him at least a little bit interesting.

It was funny to me that Brennan started out disliking Wells, but in the end he got her to start “casting a wider net” and opening her mind to possibilities she never would have considered before. Booth has been around her for 8 years and still has a hard time getting her to do that. But one thing that I liked about Wells was that, though he may have seemed douche-y sometimes, he was still very much looking to learn from Brennan and everyone else around him. All in all, I’d say we’ve got ourselves another fun squintern to add to the list.

My favorite bits..

“Ahh! I just killed a dead guy!”

Booth trying to convince Brennan that asteroid mining was a good plan for their family.

“Why did the farmer run over the remains?”

And of course Hodgins is on board with the asteroid mining idea.

“Is she looking at me like an angry school teacher?”
“Yeah, she does that a lot.”

“It’s your victim’s skull. Hi, I’m your new intern.” – Best entrance by an intern. Ever.

“Can we keep him?” Hodgins treating Wells like a new puppy was awesome.

Sweets and Booth arguing over who could scare coyotes better. I’m kinda with Sweets; Booth’s mean, mean words could make a coyote cry I’m sure.”

Wells figuring out Hodgins with one beetle question. This guy is kinda awesome.

Sweets clarifying that their victim was into time travel, and not time-shares. Important distinction.

“Would you give this up for a truck?”

Really wanting some string cheese after Wells talked so much about it.

Wells outsmarting Brennan at her own game of knowing about rare cannibalistic tribes.

Hodgins telling Angela that if he could go back in time, he would go back to the moment they first met.

Being pretty curious to find out just where it was that Angela wanted to go if she could travel in time.

Sweets telling Booth that he wished he could go back and tell the family that adopted him how much he appreciated them. Aw.

“Please don’t pretend to know how my mind works.”

Wells pegging Brennan with a moped vs. steamroller question. This guy is on a roll.

“What am I hearing right now? Am I having a stroke?”

Hodgins and Wells in their clean suits.

Hodgins calling Wells his brother from another mother.

Aw, this scene is reminding me of the good old days when Hodgins did his experiments with Zack. Still miss him.

Cam and Angela agreeing on what (and who) they would go back in time for. Naughty girls!

“I wanted to shoot the gun.” – The way Hodgins whined when he said that was hilarious.

“I believe that just because something is theoretically impossible, doesn’t mean that it’s not possible.” – Loved that.

Booth asking Brennan if Wells had mentioned anything about asteroid mining. Haha! Guess he’s kinda smitten now, too.

“Well, maybe you should try being less of a douche.” Angela is my hero.

“Everything I want or need is here.” – Aw.

The look on Brennan’s face when Booth surmised that he was indeed the smarter one.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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