The Walking Dead Season 3 Review “I Ain’t a Judas”

The Walking Dead returned tonight with the 11th episode of this great third season, “I Ain’t a Judas”. With only five more episodes until the end of the season, we get a solid episode tonight directed by legendary make-up effects artist and Walking Dead producer Greg Nicotero. While the episode might not have been the most exciting episode that we’ve seen, it does give a little structure to this eight-episode second half of season three.

Tonight’s installment picks up the morning after The Governor’s assault on the prison, as the group is trying to decide what their game plan is. While Rick’s slipping sanity has been an interesting little development in these last few episodes, I’m glad to see him a little more lucid and able to start making orders again. He’s still not operating at 100% capacity, though, so we did get the rare occurrence of Hershel actually raising his voice as he commands Rick to “Get back here!” and start participating with the group. Rick has been walking away from all of his problems recently, so it’s good to see him try to come back into the fold a little bit. I especially liked his little scene with Carl, where even his own son is telling him that he needs to get his head straight!

Meanwhile, back in Woodbury, we’re still keeping up with all of the characters that I don’t care about. There’s the always-insufferable Andrea and her band of misfit red shirts. I’m honestly not sure if we’re supposed to start recognizing these people’s faces or anything, because in my brain they will from now on be known as “Asthma Kid”, “Asthma Kid’s Mom”, and “Mexican Henchman”. On the bright side, Milton is becoming the only character back at Woodbury that I’m not actively rooting against. Sure, he’s ratting out Andrea, but I really don’t like Andrea so it doesn’t bother me.

While I may not usually care about the inhabitants of Woodbury, another group has joined them that I actually do care about! Tyreese’s group made their grand return tonight, as we find out that they’ve been hanging out in the woods for the last couple days. It’s surprising that they’re all willing to turn against Rick’s group so readily, especially Tyreese considering his relationship with Rick in the comics.

Somebody else made their return tonight, but it wasn’t quite so grand. Andrea met up with her old group for the first time this season, and it went just as well as you might think. Everybody’s reactions to her return went as well as you’d expect their characters to react, but how freakin’ great was Carl’s glare? Carl has quickly gone from a character that I loved to hate to a character that I love to love, and little Chandler Riggs is doing a great job with the role.

It’s really hard to feel bad for Andrea at all for her poor reception, and I really can’t understand why she’s still trying to act like an ambassador for The Governor. I guess you can argue that at this point she’s acting like an ambassador for Woodbury as a whole, and that she wants to preserve the lives of all of the innocent people living there, but I don’t care about any of those people. The only people at Woodbury that the Walking Dead writers care to develop for us are The Governor and Milton, and we don’t want her throwing her old group under the bus to save those two dudes.

Andrea ends up leaving the prison a little warmer to its inhabitants than when she arrived. Rick seems to trust her a little bit more, and her scene with Carol was awesome, but then she goes and sells them all up the river to The Governor! You confirm to him that they’re all feeling defeated and weak, and the three people that you really want to kill are all indeed still there! Thanks a lot, Andrea! You could have redeemed yourself by killing your dear Philip in his sleep, but no. Sigh.

With Rick and his A-Team on the way back to Woodbury for next week’s episode, I’m hoping the excitement gets ratcheted up a bit more. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I realized this during last week’s episode, but they finally fixed the Talking Dead promos! They no longer have Chris Hardwick yelling at the camera as soon as we cut to commercial! Hooray!

– Did Andrea’s axe kill on that zombie in the woods look really fake to anybody else? It looked like her axe didn’t come within two feet of the walker’s face, but then its face was split wide open!

– I liked when Maggie and Beth sung around the campfire earlier in the season, but it didn’t really make as much sense when Beth burst into song tonight. Emily Kinney is a great singer, and the song itself was all right, but it wasn’t exactly as joyful of an occasion as it was last time.