Suits Season 2 Finale Review “War” – Everyone Learns Who They Can and Cannot Trust

Suits Season 2 Episode 16 War

In the season 2 finale of Suits, called “War,” Harvey goes to battle against everyone and wonders that he can trust, Mike is forced to his breaking point, and Jessica proves how far she’ll go to win.

Having spent most of this week on assignment in Miami to visit the sets of USA’s new series Graceland, as well as A&E’s The Glades, I was unable to watch this episode when it aired. I downloaded it and watched it on my flight home, but since I wasn’t able to take notes for my usual “favorite bits,” I figured I’d do this review a bit differently than normal.

Louis and Nigel

Well, we met the female version of Louis earlier this season in the form of Sheila, so I guess it was only a matter of time before we met the British version. Nigel and Louis had a wonderful repartee and it was a blast to see what meeting his match did for Louis. The scene where Louis saw Nigel kissing Donna’s hand was classic, especially his mouthed “What the f..?” through the glass. I loved that Donna and Louis were back on their game in this episode, sharing whip-smart comments and barbs. But the fact that she, and Harvey too, knew about Louis’ mudding and how much being out-mudded meant to him, was even better.

Harvey and Jessica

Sometimes it’s hard to believe this show has only been on for two seasons, especially when I think about all that happened between Harvey and Jessica in this finale. It just feels like we’ve known these two characters forever and one of the things we know about them is that they always have each other’s backs. Another thing we know about them is that they are both to do whatever it takes to win. So far, we’ve seen Harvey and Jessica always fighting for the same side, but now we got to see what happens when they take their tenacity and turn it on each other. I really thought that Harvey was playing hardball, but that was before Jessica stepped up her game and got Mike involved by threatening to send him to jail for fraud. That’s when I knew that things weren’t going to end amicably, at least not this season.

Mike and Rachel

Mike and Rachel’s relationship has had its ups and downs these past two seasons. It has gone from being nearly on fire to nearly freezing cold, so it was only a matter of time before it boiled over and boy did it ever in this episode. When she walked into the file room, I knew that we were in for something big, but I had no idea how far it was going to go. Mike telling Rachel that he felt like he’d lost everyone that he loves – his parents, his grandmother, Trevor, Harvey – and couldn’t lose her too was almost more than I could bear and right then I was practically jumping out of my seat (and probably scaring the passenger next to me) for him to just tell her his big secret already. Even with all that, I don’t know that I expected him to do it and I know darn well that I wasn’t expecting her to smack him repeatedly and for the two of them to engage in what had to be one of the most explicit love scenes I’ve ever seen on USA network. I mean, wow.

Where it all ended

Harvey walking out of the men’s room, looking like a lost puppy as he wandered down the hallway after his beatdown from Jessica, Mike and Rachel’s tryst in the file room, Louis lying to his British counterpart so he could ensure his own place in the firm, the merger going through and Harvey getting the chance to decide if Scottie would be placed in London or New York – that was a whole lot to absorb in just over an hour and my mind is still reeling from all of it. Where will we be when the show picks up for season 3? Will time have passed and everyone be in a weird limbo after all of the revelations in this episode? Or will we pick up right where we left off and get the chance to see every character live through the fallout from what just happened? I have no clue either way, but I do know that summer can’t come fast enough now.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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