Being Human (UK) Series 5 Review “The Greater Good” — Honolulu Heights Gets New House Guests

This week on Being Human a vampire and a werewolf came to stay at Honolulu Heights. The premise of ‘The Greater Good’ doesn’t sound all that dissimilar from last week, and yet the two episodes couldn’t have been more different.

Rook asking Hal to ‘deal’ with Crumb was a nice follow on from the end of last week’s episode. Alex and Tom still don’t know about Hal’s little slip up (if you can call a dead werewolf a ‘slip up’), and so went into the events that followed thinking Hal owned Rook a favour after the initial Cram/Crumb clean up. A little more protest from Alex and Tom about having two vampires and a werewolf dumped on them would have been nice, but it’s a small complaint.

Another small complaint is Hal keeping the werewolf’s murder a secret from Alex and Tom, which felt a bit Mitchell and the Box Tunnel 20-ish. The sense of series 3 deja vu wasn’t helped by the hints at Alex and Hal still fancying each other. With only a couple of episodes left before Being Human ends, both series 5 and the show overall, it feels like a waste of time setting up possible romantic entanglements. (I can only imagine the secret will serve to aid Hatch’s plan for vampire/werewolf conflict.)

Bobby was a lovely character with a tragic backstory. While it would have been nice to see more of him, he really had served his purpose in this episode. It was great to see how far Tom had come, given that he was quite child-like himself last series. Did we really need to see Tom trying to interact with another werewolf so soon after last week’s episode? Perhaps not, but the dynamic was sufficiently different to avoid the plot feeling laboured.

The episode raised a few intriguing questions about Hatch. Why does he keep compelling people to commit suicide? Does he want to be discovered? And what exactly did Rook’s forefathers, the previous ‘men in grey’ do to help Hatch? Presumably Rook doesn’t know when they helped Hatch, since he should be long dead?

There are only two episodes left to the series, so presumably Hatch will really come to the fore next week. Despite my complaints, it really was nice to get a bit more character building in before the end, so we could see how much the characters have grown. Well, except Hal, who seems to be slipping into the dark side. Will he survive the series? We’ll have to tune in next week to see…

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