Touch Season 2 Review “Perfect Storm”

I’m trying to understand why people have such an aversion to following directions. Calvin gave Martin specific instructions which he ignored. Martin gave Lucy specific instructions which she ignored. Seriously. Why can’t people just follow directions? Things worked out better for Martin than they did for Lucy, but still. I enjoyed this episode of Touch more than I have the last couple, and I’m glad for that.

A few thoughts about “Perfect Storm”:

Calvin Norberg is just as corrupt and evil as Aster Corp. I know this isn’t breaking news since we’ve seen that he’s the one holding Amelia hostage now. But it’s definitely a jerk move to threaten the kid of the man who just helped you get what you want. People like Calvin always behave that way when they think they have the upper hand though. I think he’s messed with the wrong guy though. Martin is smart, motivated, and desperate to save his son. That is not someone that you should threaten/mess with at all. Martin still doesn’t trust Calvin, and that suspicion led him to let Calvin’s old buddy put a GPS device in Calvin’s computer. One of the things I really like about Martin is how resourceful he is, and I think he’s going to have to keep all his wits about him now that he’s dealing with Calvin. It might be kind of hard with Lucy around though.

The lies have begun between Martin and Lucy. This is not going to end well. Lying never works out well. Martin shared his information and theories about Amelia with Lucy, and he explicitly asked her not to go to the police. He said that until they had Amelia in hand, it wasn’t safe to go the cops. He must’ve said, ‘Lucy, leave this office and go directly to the police. Tell them everything we know so far.’ Oh? That’s not what he said? Well, it’s exactly what she did. I get that Lucy wants to find her daughter. I get that she’s getting desperate because she’s been looking for 3 years. I get that she’s impatient. All of that is entirely understandable. The thing is, Martin has gotten her closer to Amelia in the last couple weeks than she’s been in 3 years. You would think she would listen to him. Now she’s told the cops where they are. Even if there isn’t a dirty cop at that police station, it would still let Aster Corp. know that someone was looking for Amelia. Not good. When Martin admitted to Lucy he thought she was going to the police, she lied and said that she had gone straight home. Although, I can’t be too upset with Lucy about her lie. Martin wasn’t exactly truthful with her either. Lucy asked Martin whether anything new had come from his meeting with Calvin, and he said no. The truth is, that’s the meeting at which Calvin rather smugly told Martin he knew about Jake. Calvin is the kind of guy that can (and most likely will) make trouble for all of them. The problem with them lying to each other is that it will create problems when those lies come to light.

God save us from the looney tunes who believe themselves to be doing God’s work. Guillermo tracked Martin and Jake to New York and went looking for them at their old address. He obviously didn’t find them there, but he happened to overhear Martin and Jake’s friend Abraham talking to Martin on the phone. Guillermo searched Abraham’s apartment looking for clues as to where Martin and Jake are hiding, but after not finding anything he approached Abraham. Abraham quickly surmised that Guillermo was a bad man, so he went to Guillermo’s motel room trying to find out who he really is and why he’s after Martin and Jake. There was a confrontation between Guillermo and Abraham, but Abraham was able to talk his way out of Guillermo killing him. Guillermo doesn’t make any sense to me. Who is he (or the Jesuit order for that matter) to decide that the 36 should be killed? He claims it’s to restore balance or order or whatever, but that still doesn’t jive. If the 36 are knocking the universe out of whack, that would imply that God somehow made a mistake when he created them. That completely flies in the face of everything Guillermo believes about God. And following that thought to its logical end, if God made a mistake when He created the 36, then it’s probable that He’s made other mistakes. The whole ‘mission from God’ justification is just a cop out as far as I’m concerned. The Jesuits feel threatened by the 36, and they want to remove the threat.

While I did like this episode better than the last couple, it’s still kind of taking a while for me to really fall into it or get heavily invested in the characters. Touch isn’t by any means the worst show I’ve ever seen. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even rank in the top 20. But that doesn’t mean Touch is not without problems. My primary complaint about the show overall right now is how slowly everything is unfolding. I understand that we are supposed to be building up to something bigger, and I’m cool with that. But sometimes it feels like we’re moving in reverse to get there. I can’t really put my finger on whether it’s the writing, the directing, or a combination of the two but whatever the cause, the show at times feels laborious. Hopefully they’ll pick up the pace a bit. I will say that the story this week felt a bit more cohesive than the last couple of weeks. The transitions among the various stories was smoother and made more sense. So that was good at least. So what did y’all think of this week’s Touch?