The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “Stand by Me” — Has Silas Awoken?

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 15 Stand by Me (3)

Well, that was unexpected in. In ‘Stand by Me’, The Vampire Diaries took things to a whole new level: Not only is Elena still a vampire, she’s now turned her emotions off; Jeremy is thoroughly dead; Silas is running around in the guise of Professor Shane; Bonnie has been convinced that she wants to take part in Silas’ dastardly plan; and Katherine is still out in the world somewhere with the vampirism cure.

It’s not often that I find myself liking Elena, but her grief this week was incredibly powerful, as was Matt’s. They are now the two people on this show who have no family left to support them, so it was nice to see them trying to support each other, at least for a while. (Elena won’t be looking to be supported or support anyone else, now that she’s gone all darkside on us.) If Jeremy is truly gone, this episode was a fitting goodbye to him.

It was Bonnie and ‘Shane’ (Silas in disguise) who provided the best part of this episode. Firstly, though, if Silas has no magic, how did he make himself look like Shane? Anyway, we learned the following: Silas has no way and no intention of bringing back the humans who died in the first episode of this season, and he wants Bonnie to kill another 12 people in order to drop the veil between this world and supernatural purgatory. This would allow every supernatural creature who has died since Qetsiyah created this supernatural afterlife to cross back into our world — not only Jeremy and all the witches who have died, but all the vampires and hybrids too, amongst others.

Naturally, this is a very bad idea. But Bonnie seems convinced that she needs to do this, and it would be a letdown if, after all of this setup, this plan didn’t go ahead. At the very least, we could do with seeing Qetsiyah back in some form. Would she be able to create another vampirism cure? Could she cure any vampires who wanted to be cured? It’s an intriguing thought and one that it would be great to see explored. Until that happens — if it does — it looks like everyone is going to have crazypants Bonnie and dead-eyed Elena to deal with.

Rebekah, meanwhile, is set on finding Katherine and retrieving the cure. She has a possible lead in Hayley, Tyler’s werewolf friend/Shane’s partner in crime, who set Katherine onto the cure in the first place. She’s in New Orleans, which is where ‘The Originals’ TV series will be set, which both Rebekah and Hayley will be in. Interesting…

What did you think of ‘Stand by Me’? Will you miss Jeremy? Do you think Bonnie should help Silas drop the veil and bring back the dead supernatural beings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!