Nikita Season 3 Review “Black Badge”

Nikita Season 3 Episode 11 Black Badge (7)

After another little break, Nikita is back with a bang, adding a new recruit to Division and continuing the slow, steady decline down the slippery slope for Nikita and Ryan in ‘Black Badge’.

Amanda’s back to her tricky ways, staying one step ahead of Division for the whole hour and throwing a particularly large spanner in the works of their new Division 2.0 plan. In the last episode, we saw Ryan deliver some government-sanctioned missions that the team weren’t sure about taking, but the events of ‘Black Badge’ mean that they don’t really have the luxury to say no anymore. The head of the CIA is threatened and, in the process of trying to protect him from Amanda, they fail to see that it would be an inside job.

Now the team don’t have anyone dedicated to protecting them and their grand plans to capture the Dirty Thirty before shutting shop for good look like they’ll have to wait. Nikita and Ryan are well aware of what’s happening, so we don’t get frustrated at watching them make Percy and Amanda’s mistakes all over again, but they’re on a non-stop train to corruption anyway. I really loved the final scene in which the pair laugh about their similarities/differences to the old heads of Division, since it had a sinister undertone to it that really underlined what had gone on in the preceding hour.

In terms of the episode itself, it was fun to see Amanda win one outright, since her plan to hit Nikita where it hurts succeeded with flying colors. The episode begins with Alex and Sean happy together, before he explains how important it is for him to return to the Navy, and everyone should have anticipated an earth-shattering event at this point. The show delivered, and now Sean is officially dead and remembered as a traitor. This is just about the worst thing that could have happened to his life, but at least they gave him a choice. The questions remains, how far will Nikita go to bring Amanda down for good?

Their giving him a choice is what separates them from Percy, since he didn’t care which world weary wash-up was recruited, and it means that they can blame Amanda wholeheartedly for what went down. It’ll be a rocky road for the young couple now that Sean has been thrown into a life that he never really wanted, and I’d bet that Alex and Owen’s brief flirtation a couple of weeks ago will now be given the chance to grow. On that topic, where the heck has Owen been for the last couple of weeks? It seems strange that, when all of this is going down, he isn’t brought in to help out.

What did you think of the episode? How will Sean deal with his recruitment into Division? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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