Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Review “This is Why We Fight” – Smile, Jackson. Your mom just bought you a hospital!

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 16 This Is Why We Fight (8)
The saga over Seattle Grace’s fate continued this week on Grey’s Anatomy. Whether she’s acting, directing or choreographing, I believe that a little Debbie Allen makes everything better. Let’s run down the events before Catherine’s pillow talk with Richard led to her grand moment at the episode’s end:

– Team McDreamies (Derek, Mer, Calzona and Cristina) busted their asses trying to find a proverbial Daddy Warbucks to invest $175 million in their mission to save Seattle Grace.

– The finally find a potential investor, who is hesitant to invest in the hospital because of their collective lack of administrative experience. Hey, the guy didn’t get rich off of luck.

– The team (finally) pulls Richard in on the plan and unsurprisingly, he impresses Mr. Deep Pockets. Unfortunately, not even Richard was enough to win over the new investor who declined the opportunity because he “wasn’t feeling it.” It’s a shame his crappy response wasn’t rewarded with a nice swift kick in the nuts or punch to the face. Oh well. No time for that.

– As the team sought to recruit administrators, Christina convinced everyone that it was time to get Owen on board. In easily one of the most efficient resolutions of a couple’s conflict ever seen on Grey’s Anatomy, Owen understood that Cristina was trying to protect him and the two appeared back on track. Owen convinced the board to delay the sale to Pegasus one day, so that the hospital could have one more chance of actually healing people instead of being sold and stripped.

– Speaking of Pegasus, Cahill got the company on board for a liquidation sale and decided to keep that important bit of information from Owen. Just when I was starting to tolerate you, Cahill . . .

– As all of the behind-the-scenes sales drama unfolded, the remaining doctors and interns began working on their backup plans and lamented the end of their unique experience at Seattle Grace.

Defeated, Team McDreamy (plus Richard) began to accept that the hospital would be sold and their lives changed forever. Richard shared the tale with Catherine and the Harper Avery Foundation swooped in and saved the day. Debbie Allen had the best line of the night as she explained to Jackson why his attendance was required at the early morning meeting: “Give your mama a kiss – she just bought you a hospital!” As the new investor, the foundation had one request – a seat on the board. That seat now belongs to Jackson and the next chapter in the never-ending drama of Seattle Grace’s fate begins . . .

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