Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Tough Love” — Vincent Meets the Family

Oh guys, this show. In Beauty and the Beast this week, Cat was shown a little ‘Tough Love’ by Heather and Tess, who were concerned about Vincent after Cat introduced him to her sister during an awkward dinner. Not only did they think him a criminal, they did a social security check and discovered that Vincent ‘Silinski’ doesn’t exist.

Things took a turn for the worst when Heather uploaded pictures from their father’s wedding to her online profile, including one of Cat and Vincent dancing. While Cat’s face wasn’t visible, Vincent’s was. Cat was worried this would lead Muirfield to her sister, but it was Darius – Heather’s Valentine’s date and boss Joe’s brother – who was in trouble. When Heather discovered thugs violently demanding money from him, they knocked her out and ordered Darius to shoot her. Vincent saved her life, but killed Darius and the thugs in the process.

It’s pathetic, but this show continues to baffle me. Cat spent the entire episode worried that Muirfield would come after Heather, but why? For all they knew, Vincent was someone’s plus one that Heather didn’t even know. Wouldn’t they instead look through other wedding photos for someone who matched the woman he was dancing with and discover (again) that Cat knows Vincent? Actually, if they are scanning photos online with facial recognition software to find Vincent then why don’t they use the same techniques on CCTV footage? Vincent is always walking around New York with his face uncovered. It’s so hard to see Muirfield as a viable threat when they’re so useless.

The real threat is potentially Evan. He knows Cat is involved with this hybrid being somehow, and he’s taken it upon himself to work with Muirfield in order to ‘protect’ her from it. How long will it be before Evan (and possibly his new coworkers) look closer at Cat and discover her hybrid acquaintance is also her love interest? Evan’s perhaps the smartest person on this show — with the possible exception of J.T. — and it would be disappointing if he didn’t at least start to look at Cat with a wary eye.

Speaking of love interest, this week it was Vincent who decided they shouldn’t be together. That lasted all of five minutes before they made out on a rooftop romantically, melting the hearts of viewers everywhere, I’m sure. (Even if Kristin Kreuk’s kissing technique always looks kind of odd.) One can’t help but wonder what this means for the rest of the season, never mind the series overall. Are Muirfield finally going to be an actual threat, one that discovers Vincent and actively hunts him down? Or is the show to keep going around in circles, creating and eliminating problems to give the characters something to do while they get their romance on in the background?

Whatever happens, I know three things, dear reader. One, Tess and Joe’s situation is not interesting at all. Two, this episode would have been more interesting had Heather liked Vincent and expected him to act like a normal boyfriend, meeting their father and Cat’s friends. Three, this show needs more J.T. Can we have an episode with him up front and centre sometime? That would be awesome.

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