Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Tough Love” — Vincent Meets the Family

Oh guys, this show. In Beauty and the Beast this week, Cat was shown a little ‘Tough Love’ by Heather and Tess, who were concerned about Vincent after Cat introduced him to her sister during an awkward dinner. Not only did they think him a criminal, they did a social security check and discovered that Vincent ‘Silinski’ doesn’t exist.

Things took a turn for the worst when Heather uploaded pictures from their father’s wedding to her online profile, including one of Cat and Vincent dancing. While Cat’s face wasn’t visible, Vincent’s was. Cat was worried this would lead Muirfield to her sister, but it was Darius – Heather’s Valentine’s date and boss Joe’s brother – who was in trouble. When Heather discovered thugs violently demanding money from him, they knocked her out and ordered Darius to shoot her. Vincent saved her life, but killed Darius and the thugs in the process.

It’s pathetic, but this show continues to baffle me. Cat spent the entire episode worried that Muirfield would come after Heather, but why? For all they knew, Vincent was someone’s plus one that Heather didn’t even know. Wouldn’t they instead look through other wedding photos for someone who matched the woman he was dancing with and discover (again) that Cat knows Vincent? Actually, if they are scanning photos online with facial recognition software to find Vincent then why don’t they use the same techniques on CCTV footage? Vincent is always walking around New York with his face uncovered. It’s so hard to see Muirfield as a viable threat when they’re so useless.

The real threat is potentially Evan. He knows Cat is involved with this hybrid being somehow, and he’s taken it upon himself to work with Muirfield in order to ‘protect’ her from it. How long will it be before Evan (and possibly his new coworkers) look closer at Cat and discover her hybrid acquaintance is also her love interest? Evan’s perhaps the smartest person on this show — with the possible exception of J.T. — and it would be disappointing if he didn’t at least start to look at Cat with a wary eye.

Speaking of love interest, this week it was Vincent who decided they shouldn’t be together. That lasted all of five minutes before they made out on a rooftop romantically, melting the hearts of viewers everywhere, I’m sure. (Even if Kristin Kreuk’s kissing technique always looks kind of odd.) One can’t help but wonder what this means for the rest of the season, never mind the series overall. Are Muirfield finally going to be an actual threat, one that discovers Vincent and actively hunts him down? Or is the show to keep going around in circles, creating and eliminating problems to give the characters something to do while they get their romance on in the background?

Whatever happens, I know three things, dear reader. One, Tess and Joe’s situation is not interesting at all. Two, this episode would have been more interesting had Heather liked Vincent and expected him to act like a normal boyfriend, meeting their father and Cat’s friends. Three, this show needs more J.T. Can we have an episode with him up front and centre sometime? That would be awesome.

What did you think of ‘Tough Love’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Lane

    What do I think? I think this show is a hot mess. And since I can’t clarify my thoughts as well as you do (kudos) I will resort to a list:

    – Why are Vincent and Cat together? They have nothing in common, get no screen time that actually shows them happy, they had a troubled relationship before they really even had a relationship… So besides the name of the show why should I want these two people together?

    – Heather is as immature as a character can get. If my sister treated me or my boyfriend like that, I’d smack her.

    – That kiss… ugh. Had to be the most unnatural thing I’ve ever seen. First off, she says she loves him and he doesn’t kiss her, but ‘I don;t need walls’? That was the tipping point? And ‘I am so in love with you’ Yeah, they basically just wanted him to say that because it is ‘romantic’, never mind that it was completely out of context and 101 other thing would have fit better.

    – And I totally agree, Muirfield: stupidest people alive. If you are going to have a scary bad guy group in a show, they should scare us, or at least not give us a reason to think we could do a better job ourselves.

    – Also agree, Tess and Joe: Zzzzzzzz…

    • Thavaro

      I kind of enjoyed this one. i don’t have a problem with the delay in Muirfield finding them. because they are probably saving the big showdown for the finale. I did find heather annoying as hell. I mean damn girl! chill the ****** out. all that drama and her boy is the actual “bad” guy she should have been worried about. and yes Tess & Joe…….. I use those scenes as commercial break to go to the bathroom or get some snacks or something. normally I don’t go for corny scenes, but I loved the final kiss. I loved the whole forbidden love thing. he wanted to break up for all the right reasons and she basically told him that she wanted to be with him even if he was bad for her. I would also like to see more J.T. and Evan looks like he’s about to become “the governor” from walking dead.

    • If you find the show a hot mess? You still ahead to episode 14 , something might be good for you to have spent so many episodes in and still finding it a hot mess….just move to the next show and stop bashing! I love this show and trust the writers they are doing a great job and the lead actors are so into the characters!!!!!

    • Everyone has a right to their opinion. I would just remind anyone reading this that shows evolve and skills improve. Sometimes you start out with a story-line, decide it’s not working and re-route. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. The premise of this show is a good one, the lead actors not only have virtually tangible chemistry on-screen, but they are masters of the subtle messages. JT is a comedic/genius and the rest of the cast have their pro’s & con’s.. but, I repeat, characters, storylines and talent is always evolving and this show is just plain FUN!

  • WennieZ1

    Love love love this show. It has everything in it. romance, darkness, mystery humor. This episode was awesome. That kiss was EPIC. the almost kisses were hot. One thing I don’t understand..why do people say bad things about the show on social media. If you don’t like, then don’t watch it and try to bring it down…

  • What buffles me is why someone keeps watching a show he/she doesn’t like. I’ve started seeing Arrow and at the fourth episode, I gave up and started watching Beauty and the Beast. It’s a show with fun, love, action based on a fairytale. And I believe that we need more dream, more love instead of blood, guns, fights and death Try it, see it with eyes and soul. I’ll bet you’ll love it.

  • VC

    I Love this Show! It’s entertaining,thrilling, intriguing and romantic. It has a lot of great elements interwoven together. I love how each episode progresses and I enjoy the story. And the lead performers are amazing!!

  • Everyone has its own taste in what they like to watch.. in my case I loved the show from the first minute..Cat and Vincent have a unique chemistry going on.. its the love between those two that makes me wanna watch…I say watch it… its a hell of a good show.. for me one season is not enaugh… I would like to see a second season..
    people giving their opinion is okay but all I wanna say is critique will always be around.. you should just watch a episode and then decide wether you as a viewer like it or not.

    never listen to people who review shows, they mostly have a too strong like or dislike for certain things… be your own reviewer and decide for yourself..

  • I enjoy this show a lot. I suppose you could pick apart almost any show on television if you wanted to do a reality check-my brother is in the security business you should hear him on stuff you see on NCIS, Bones etc. I watch a show to escape reality and all its responsibilities for a moment. Beauty and the Beast does that for me. I like the action and romance. The show is getting stronger as it evolves. I am looking forward to a move toward more action and mystery with Muirfield. I love a good conspiracy story and would love to see Katherine in more fight scenes. I love to see a woman hold her own like that. I think the two leads have great chemistry and JT is a treasure. I watch a ton of news and information shows, this is my escape. If anyone is looking for an hour where you can kick back with a glass of wine (if legal) and enjoy the escape. I say give this a try.

    • I agree 100%!! You did such a nice job.

    • I agree. #BATB is a great escape and as long as you view it as such it will not disappoint. Would love to see more happy moments betw Cat and V, and more @austinbasis as JT.

    • Here! Here! This show is a JOY to watch and the romance fans who have endured the painfully slow-paced relationship between Vincent @JayRyan and Catherine @MsKristinKreuk has been richly rewarded by an ALL-IN, complete with the L-Word, make-out session that, from the previews for ep. 15, will be ON FIRE in episodes to come.

      Again, though, I 2nd ‘more JT’ = more fun for everyone 🙂

    • CatV

      I second your opinion. This is the best escape on TV today during my down time.
      The news is where we get reality. This is “my normal” quoting Cat; or the normal I prefer. I now look forward to Thursday – which used to be just the day before Friday. It looks like many who have discovered BATB just can’t get enough of it.
      And we want as many seasons as we can get, since the writers seem to have
      very creative imaginations…
      Those who have not watched should give it a try. W

  • I think Heather has a bad case of acting before thinking things through. In this case, she should have stuck with her original plan and dinner should have been just the three of them like she told Catherine it would be. Instead she invites a fourth person, probably because she thinks it’s “cute” to have a double date! As for Tess, she has no right to grill Catherine about her romantic life when she (Tess) is literally “the other woman” inher relationship with Joe. Even was the only one who actually seemed to be genuinely concerned for Catherine’s safety. Well, except Vincent of course, but they don’t know much about him. I loved this episode but then, I’ve been a devoted fan since I first saw the show advertised last fall.

  • I like the show as well. The show is actually improving from episode to episode. When I first watch the pilot I thought ok it’s decent but then I kept watching and now I’m fascinated with it. The story is developing and getting more and more interesting so if if you still haven’t watched it give it a try!

  • Danielle B

    This is a show that has its own uniqueness and is unlike any show currently on tv. I have loved this show from its first airing and will continue to for as long as we are lucky enough to have in on air. For those that have not watched it yet, give it a chance before you make any decisions and don’t listen to other people. Make your own choices. This show deserves a chance.

  • SOOO EXCITED about this show! I agree any increase in the presence of JT @austinbasis would pump up the clever comedy factor… but, let’s face it, this IS fundamentally going to be a romance drama and, after the STEAMY EPIC LONG-AWAITED #VinCatKISS in last Thursday’s ep. 14, #BatB has left it’s fans with an ocean of thrills to swim in until it returns! There are a number of technicalities that one could pick on, but, then you’re missing the bigger picture… this is still 1st & foremost a romance and, just one look at the social buzz would tell you no one but this author of this review is questioning the make out skills of Kristin or Ryan at this point 🙂