‘Primeval: New World’ Canceled

The spin-off series Primeval: New World has been canceled by Canada’s Space channel after only one season on the air.

According to a report at The Hollywood Reporter, the series that starred former ‘The Vampire Diaries’ regular Sara Canning and ‘Eureka’ alum Niall Matter will not be back for a second season.

‘Primeval: New World’ is (or now I should say was), of course, the spin-off of the popular BBC series ‘Primeval’ that ran for five seasons in the U.K. and was reaired here in the United States on Syfy and BBC America. The series followed a specialized team of animal experts and scientists that investigated the appearance of temporal anomalies and battled both prehistoric and futuristic creatures.

It is being reported that weak ratings are behind the cancellation of the series, but Syfy still plans to air the series here in the States after a sale by international distributor Entertainment One.

  • I’m so upset, I have never been so disappointed about a show being cancelled before. I REALLY hope it’s picked up again if rating are good in other countries, even a movie would give me a bit of closure.

    • Abomination

      As it turns out the Canadian broadcasters refuse to count online viewing figures when they are accounting for their totals. It isn’t fair on a show like New World, which is going to have amassed a massive international following already as it’s a spin-off, and in this day and age where people will quite happily pick and choose what time they watch. :/

      • P Dragon

        Yes, those of us who don’t get Canadian TV, due to not living in Canada and all, have to find other ways of watching awesome shows like this.

  • It was a ITV series not a BBC one!!!

    • Peripherus

      It was neither. It was made by ‘Impossible Pictures’. ITV and the BBC funded and broadcasted it.

  • Rodrigo

    I just hate when they do that. Is the THIRD serie I like and was canceled. Boy, this is really not good. I love the original one, but this was also good, why they do that? WHY? I used to be like Space, not anymore. I will never see a running series again, only when it came to an end I’ll watch.

  • Abomination

    I don’t see the point in bothering with North American television any more. Unless it’s reality trash, it just doesn’t last. New shows are being canned faster than anything, anything with an ounce of creativity is being trampled on, and ongoing shows with many invested viewers are getting cancelled without proper resolutions. In recent years, household names such as Heroes, Ghost Whisperer, Primeval, Pushing Daisies… all with immense potential and lost for the wrong reasons.

    I’m hoping someone else picks up New World, as stranger things have happened. The show came back from extinction once in the UK, and it sure as hell can do it again! The reviews are solid, the fans are passionate, and it’s been left on a cliffhanger after seven years of following. If it doesn’t get picked up, I’ll be calling this an end to me watching anything new any more…it’s not worth my time.

    • John Fletcher

      uh, Heroes ended…. and you’re the only person I know that cared about Pushign Daises…. whatever that was….

  • Teresa

    Agree with Abomination’s comments, Primeval new world is a brilliant none boring series that deserves to continue, Its so disappointing that its not worth watching any of the new series any more because as soon as you start to fully enjoy them they get canned. Primeval and new world will/are a cult series already. Maybe we should all become robots and watch continuous reality shows which are fully staged

  • urbanriot

    Abomination, I agree with you completely. Networks wonder why certain key demographics are down… it’s because those demographics have stopped trusting the networks to continue to air the shows they get into. I waited until Lost was in Season 3 before I started watching it as I was concerned I’d get wrapped up into a show with no ending. I should have waited longer with Primeval : New World.

  • jimmy

    The acting was ordinary at best, the writing seriously subpar, and the science highly inaccurate. It deserved to be cancelled. I love scifi, I love dinosaurs, but there was nothing exceptional about this lame series and I’m glad it’s gone. I would like the two hours back i wasted watching the firs two episodes, hopng it would get better. Episode 3, though, was like Plan 9 From Outer Space, so bad and so corny it was good.

    • John Fletcher

      You should’ve watched all 13 episodes…. it’s actually pretty damn good. At the start I was like wth? this makes no sense….. at the end of primeval everyone knew about the dinos and crap (with everything opening up everywhere the last couple episodes), but by the end of New World’s last episode it was clear, Conner and the ARC was from a very near future.

  • jwitherington

    I didn’t care for “Primeval: New World” at first because
    we were not given a chance to invest in the cast of characters. Now that I’ve
    watched the last episode…I want more. I hope some other network will pick up
    the series for a season 2.

  • Mona Keele

    This makes me and I’m sure a lot of other viewers /fans very sad, We just started watching this seasons and love love it! Give it another seasons and I’m sure you will get more and more viewers…you didn’t give this show a fair chance…like Star Trek in the late 60’s it made its come back and big…love all the actors they really make the show and with the cliff hanger you left us all in this season…where do we go now for a fix.:(