Law and Order: SVU Season 14 Review “Deadly Ambition” – Sisterly Affection

Law & Order SVU Season 14 Episode 14 Deadly Ambition
Amanda’s sister, Kim, returned to New York in “Deadly Ambition,” this week’s episode of Law and Order: SVU, but she didn’t just come for a sisterly visit. She came with a master plan of murder, insurance fraud and betrayal. Makes me glad I just have a brother.

After telling Amanda she was pregnant and scared of her abusive baby-daddy, Kim lured the idiot into a trap by inviting him over and pretending to be attacked just when Amanda arrived home. Baby-daddy was stupid enough to pull out his gun and Amanda took him down without blinking. Another case for the SVU-hating IAB agent.

At first it looked like there wouldn’t be a problem, but then Kim’s sister revealed she had taken out a life insurance policy on her baby-daddy and forged Amanda’s name on it. She then went to IAB and retracted her story, claiming that the whole thing had been Amanda’s idea. Framed for murder, Amanda very nearly went to jail.

Fortunately, she’s got good teammates who saw through her sister’s bull and captured Kim on tape confessing to the whole thing. The charges against Amanda were dropped, but Kim split (with the entire contents of Amanda’s apartment) before she could be arrested.

I’m not exactly certain what we were supposed to take away from the episode other than Amanda’s family life should make us all a little more grateful that our siblings just borrow our stuff and forget to return it. I have never been a fan of episodes where people are framed for crimes they didn’t commit, not because they’re not well acted or written, but just because it infuriates my deep-seeded sense of justice. And if the real perp doesn’t get his or her just rewards in the end, I get truly annoyed, which is pretty much where SVU left me last night.

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