Workaholics Season 3 Exclusive Interview: Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm Talk Dude Humor

Workaholics is entertaining legions of fans each week on Comedy Central and TV Equals was glad to be able to speak with the stars of the show–Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm–about the success of their show, what fans can expect from the remainder of the season and why the main characters are always terrorized by high school kids.

The success of Workaholics

Right now, Workaholics is the highest-rated series in his timeslot across all of television among men 18-34 years old and and men 18-24 years old. Also, Workaholics has been renewed for two more seasons by Comedy Central. “Well, that feels pretty awesome,” said DeVine. Anderson also said, “We’re really excited about that.”

“It’s cool to know that you’re going to have a job for two more years and the fact that people really like it,” said Holm. “Our fans are so cool and so supportive. It’s a dream come true.”

People in Europe will also be able to partake in the success of Workaholics “They’re translating it in German,” said Anderson. “We’re in Germany now.”

Creating comedy

The special brand of comedy Workaholics embraces stems from a great working relationship and friendship.

“We did internet videos for years together and Blake, Kyle and myself all worked together…so we were best friends…and that sort of helps with comedy,” said DeVine. “That’s why you see a lot of comedies with the same people in them because you really develop a good shorthand with the other person and you really know that person’s strengths and weaknesses. You play to their strengths and they play to yours.”

The comedy the group developed from their original internet success is what drew Comedy Central to the guys in the first place.

“We were doing internet videos together and then Comedy Central approached us and they were like, ‘We like what you guys do,'” said DeVine. “We came in and we pitched it and…we got us a new show.”

Favorite episodes

There are tons of favorite episodes to choose from, according to Holm, Anderson and DeVine.

“I like the episode called, Checkpoint Gnarly,” said Holm, describing the episode in which the guys lose their boss’ brother during a crazy night out. “It’s high stakes,” he said.

In fact, many of the guys’ favorite shows are the ones that feel more like mini-movies. “We’re just trying to make TV that we like and…makes us laugh,” said Holm. “[We hope] other people like it and are laughing as well.”

Battling high school students

In “Fourth and Inches,” the guys once again come up against their arch enemies–high school students. When they will meet the high schoolers again is up in the air, but fans can count on another showdown. “We haven’t written the next [episode] to complete the trilogy quite yet,” said Anderson.

“I think it’s just kind of funny that these guys are out of college. They’re supposed to be grown adults and they’re still getting shit on by high school kids,” said Holm, calling the high schoolers “fearless.”

What can fans expect next in the season

Throughout this season you can expect a lot more of what you love about Workaholics. “A lot…of crazy adventures, the guys probably making a lot of dick jokes…everything you know and love. You got a lot of it,” said Anderson.

“We don’t want to be the type of show that gets bogged down with plotlines and storylines and emotions,” said Holm. “Sometimes [shows] just get too wrapped up in, ‘Oh, they need a love interest’…that’s the thing about our show–these guys are not going anywhere. They’re just best friends who live together, work together and that’s what they want to do.”

Workaholics airs every Wednesday at 10/9c on Comedy Central.