The Lying Game Season 2 Review “Regrets Only”

The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 7 Regrets Only (9)

There was a little doubt about what happened between Emma and Thayer at the end of last week’s The Lying Game, but here we find out that they did indeed do the dirty. This means that Emma has cashed in her v-card to someone other than Ethan, and this can only mean more heartbreak lurking around the corner.

Now that they’ve slept together, Emma isn’t entirely sure that she’s actually in love with Thayer, so her rather rash decision to jump in the sack with him could mean trouble for everyone. Contrary to most people’s opinions of the twin girls, I’ve never really liked Emma at all, so I’d actually prefer either of the two boys to be with Sutton. Sadly, she’s all alone again after some of her secrets have come out. Will these girls ever just pick someone to be in a relationship with? Or are we destined to watch them ponder the same question over and over again?

Emma now knows that Sutton has been keeping Rebecca’s identity a secret, and Sutton now suspects that mommy dearest could be Derek’s killer after all. Did she murder a teenager just to keep the secret of the twins a secret? It seems a little harsh, but all of these people are shady at the best of times. Now that Kristen and Alec have hooked up, too, things are kicking off between the adults, too. These people just love swapping husbands.

I predicted last week that Theresa would soon be meeting a sticky end and, after the final moments of the episode, that seems more of a possibility than ever. Who attacked her? It was probably the same person who killed Derek, and I’m seriously starting to doubt whether it was Rebecca or Ted. This story is from the guys behind Pretty Little Liars, remember – it’s probably someone we’ve never even considered.

What did you think of the episode? Should Emma pick Ethan or stay with Thayer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.