Survivor: Caramoan Review “Honey Badger”

Survivor: Caramoan returned tonight with the awesomely titled “Honey badger”, as we see the explosive fallout from last week’s history making elimination saw Francesca get voted out first for the second time in a row. This of course gets Brandon Hantz, one of Francesca’s alliance members, pretty darn upset. So upset that he says he’s going to go all “Ruzzell Hantz” on these people!

Look, I’m a big Russell Hantz fan. I’m such a big Russell Hantz fan that I watched his crappy house flipping reality show on A&E! However, it still bugs me when Brandon says he’s just trying to emulate his uncle now. I mentioned how much it bugged me last time Brandon played when he kept his relation to Russell a secret, as he could have just come out with it and not made it such a big deal. Now he’s trying to identify himself as just a carbon copy of the guy? Be your own player, dude! Of course this was totally invalidated by a trademark Brandon Hantz epiphany, as he decided he now wants to be an honorable player. I think Cochran really may be on to something here; this guy has some serious homicidal tendencies.

After the favorites win their first immunity/reward challenge, we see the official formation of Stealth R’ Us, Inc.! They’ve got all new members of course, except for their CEO, but something tells me this corporation isn’t going to last quite as long this time if Philip is quite as pushy.

After the hilarious formation of the new look Stealth R’ Us, we get right to all of the juicy drama going on over at the Fans camp. I’m still not quite sure what Shamar’s deal is. I don’t want to open up a can of worms here or anything, as I’m definitely thankful for all of the service that our boys and girls in the armed forces have served, but I think maybe Shamar is resting on his laurels because of his military experience. I honestly think he’s kind of thinking “Hey, I’ve already served two tours in Iraq, why do I have to help make a shelter or fire?!” Or possibly he’s just an unhelpful jerk, but I’d like to think it goes a little deeper than that.

Meanwhile, Reynold goes looking for a hidden immunity idol, and guess what?! He finds one! Ok, why are the immunity idols so freaking easy to find now?! Remember back in seasons like Cook Islands, when Yul needed to read a clue to find out where he needed to dig in the sand? Why can’t they still be that complex? Stop hiding them at the bottom of freakin’ trees, Survivor!

Despite Shamar’s terrible attitude and laziness, he’s apparently abhorrent enough for people not to worry about keeping him on the tribe for a little while longer. He sticks around, but Allie goes home! I’ll miss Allie for her looks, but I can’t say I’ll miss much else.

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Random Thoughts:

– Has anybody else noticed how much Sherri looks like Sandra Bullock? It’s uncanny!

– I’m really surprised how under-the-radar Malcolm has been on the show thus far, but I really did love the face he made to the camera when Philip labeled him “The Enforcer”.

– I bet Reynolds is regretting packing his skin-tight khakis for Survivor. Maybe your bulging hidden idol wouldn’t be so easy to see if you brought some sensible cargo pants!