Suburgatory Season 2 Review “T-Ball and Sympathy”

You have to appreciate a show that’s willing to try address their biggest flaws. Suburgatory is a show that could coast on the strength of its awesome set of actors that make the teenage population in Chatswin. Instead, Emily Kapnek continues to take entire episodes attempting to provide depth to the adult characters which populate the series. While I appreciate their desire to have more flexibility with their characters, the fact that some characters are so easily forgotten shows how poor a job they’ve done with some of the adult characters to this point.

That’s the main problem with tonight’s A-story surrounding AskTessa (trademark pending) trying to give Mr. Wolfe advice on his love life. There is nothing wrong with Rex Lee’s performance, but it’s difficult to feel sorry for a person that we don’t get to see much. He serves no special purpose for our leads, and he doesn’t have anything interesting going outside of school. He’s simply someone who’s there, because even Chatswin has to have a few adults working there. The story ended coming full circle as AskTessa is spot on with Mr. Wolfe’s cheating boyfriend, but can’t see into her own problems while Ryan is on his 3 day road game. I know sitcom couples have to have some sort of conflict as time progresses, but Ryan suddenly taking issue with Tessa seems a bit out of place. There are plenty of things to dislike about Tessa, but it would have helped if we heard Ryan express one before disappearing.

The B-Story once again featured George and Dallas as they teamed together to beat Noah… at T-Ball. There is many ways to approach coaching youth sports, but you may have gone too far when your kids start yelling from the dugout “Sweep the leg!” It may be more troubling those kids get the reference. Either way, the episode was well-crafted enough that we can forgive them some of the cliched moments in coaching T-Ball. George and Dallas are a very likable couple, but it feels like we are merely killing time with them in the morning.

This is the second episode in a row where Suburgatory has failed to live up to expectations. When it’s on the rails, it can be one of the best comedies on television. We just haven’t seen it in a few weeks. Hopefully next week is a pleasant reminder.