New Girl Season 2 Review “Parking Spot” – The Agreement

I was really glad to see that there will be on-going repercussions for Jess and Nick’s kiss, and that it won’t just be forgotten or ignored forever. In “Parking Spot,” this week’s episode of New Girl, an argument over the discovery of a single parking space for the four-bedroom apartment led to the disclosure of an agreement not to “nail” Jess that Nick seriously violated. And with Schmidt being Schmidt, it wasn’t something he could just let go.

Was the agreement in bad taste? Perhaps. Jess was right to call them out on the fact that the agreement would seem to imply that she wouldn’t be able to keep from jumping one of them, but if you look a little deeper (I know it hurts), it’s almost possible to see reason behind all the sexism. Romance invariably changes the overall dynamic of a group; it forges alliances and has the potential to create rifts. In his own way, Schmidt was kind of trying to help them all avoid that when Jess moved in.

As for Nick, well, he said it himself. The agreement was for him. It was what he needed to have in place so he wouldn’t go after Jess right away. In the end, whatever he feels for her was too big to be kept in check by the “no-nail” policy, though, and it’s still there, only it’s out in the open now. The attraction between them is palpable. It was never going to stay their little secret and because Schmidt knows about it, they’re never going to be able to swept it under the rug. He simply won’t let them. It’s not in his nature.

I have to say, I love the new dynamic here. I want to see where it goes. How long will it be before the attraction overwhelms Nick and Jess again, because eventually there isn’t going to be another roommate there to get between them (literally in the case of Schmidt). It has yet to come to a head and I can’t wait until it does.

In other news, Winston ended up getting the parking spot because after spending a day going around LA looking for a free condom so he could have sex with Daisy, he deserved it. Hey, I get that. A dedicated parking space in this city is a gold mine.

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