Elementary Season 1 “Details” Review

Sherlock and Joan - Elementary

The Valentine’s Day episode of Elementary has very little to do with the holiday of love, but we did get to see a few tender moments between Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu). The opening scene of the crime drama showed Watson walking up to Sherlock’s flat – and calling out when she finds a burnt out light bulb. Enter a masked man that attacks her, but ultimately turns out to be none other than Sherlock himself. The entire thing was a set up for Sherlock to convince Watson to take self defense classes.

In Sherlock’s mind, Watson being held at gun point last week really did a number on his conscience – and in a quiet, heartfelt moment, he declares: “If anything ever happens to you, I don’t think I could ever forgive myself…” All together now – Awwwww!

The case at hand turns to Detective Bell getting shot at, run off a ramp, and his car getting flipped over. Poor Bell is having a really rough day, but does have a theory as to who the shooter is – Curtis Bradshaw. Bradshaw was arrested for a minor offense, but had previously threatened Bell outside the courthouse, and a shooting seems like a perfect way to get revenge.

That is until Bradshaw ends up dead, and it looks like it might be Bell that killed him. Overall, the case turns to a story about brothers, and Sherlock has warm and fuzzy feelings.

While the actual murder case seemed sort of like a back story to this episode of Elementary, the primary focus (for me, that is) seemed to be on Sherlock and Watson – and why Sherlock keeps attempting to tell the good doctor to move on when he obviously doesn’t truly mean it.

To talk about Watson a bit, it doesn’t seem like she’s overly keen on the topic of moving on to another client, either. We’ve already seen her meet with Sherlock’s father to extend the time that she works with the detective, and in “Details”, Watson explains that she’s not going to leave Sherlock since she is his only sober companion. (Totally not true, but I understand where she was coming from)

And while Sherlock pushes her to take self defense classes, and Watson vehemently objects and says that the only person trying to hurt her is Sherlock himself (with tennis balls, nonetheless). At the close of Elementary, Sherlock asks Watson to become his crime solving companion, and the official team of Sherlock and Watson is born.

  • ptjackson

    I thought she stayed because she felt Sherlock was in a really bad place and not actually ready to be without a sober companion. Despite being turned down by dear old dad, she stayed anyway because she cared.

    I was sure, and that fact came out in this episode, that Sherlock did indeed know she was lying to him. Can’t hide the facts from a master detective!

    I also totally am on board with his reason for wanting her to stay – he is better at his job with her – she helps focus him.

    My son and I did spend a considerable amount of this episode laughing – Sherlock’s antics to force her to do self defense training got more and more outrageous! And, that is a good thing, IMHO…..

    I think the case was to give us some back story on Bell, and again, I enjoyed that part too.