Cult Season 1 Review “You’re Next” — Well, Hey, These Things Snap Right Off!

The CW’s new series Cult kicked off this week with ‘You’re Next’, a good introduction to what looks to be a decent mystery series.

The episode started with a brief look at an interview with charismatic cult leader Billy Grimm, who, in interspersed clips, hugs one of his followers, Kelly. But that was in 2009 and Kelly is no longer a follower; she’s a cop, and she’s after Billy. Things go wrong, though, when Kelly finds her brother-in-law plastered up in a wall, her sister and nephew missing.

“Well, hey, these things just snap right off,” Kelly’s brother-in-law says before he dies.

This is when we learn that Kelly et al are all part of a television drama series called ‘Cult’. The show is a hit and has a large fandom, but there’s an even shadier subsection, as the show’s staff researcher Skye finds out. When paranoid fan Nate — who is connected to this subsection in some way — goes missing, it’s up to his brother, reporter Jeff, to find out exactly what is going on.

It looks like there are two main options for what may be going on: crazy fans or crazier ‘verse. Are some overly invested fans creating a dangerous cult of their own? Or does the ‘Cult’ ‘verse and the real Cult world intersect in some way? Only time will tell.

For anyone wondering about the portrayal of fandom in the show, especially people who have little to no experience with it, I can safely assure you that it is nothing like in Cult. There are no dark little cafe/bars called ‘fan.dom.ain’ (although that’s quite cute), although there are quite a lot of middle aged women (I say this with love, ladies). This is perhaps the only downside to the series — while the fictional ‘Cult’ show may be beloved and have a huge fandom, Cult itself doesn’t feel like the kind of show that will foster a real life fandom. It’ll be interesting to see whether it manages to find its own niche out in the internet.

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