White Collar Season 4 Review “Shoot the Moon” – Peter and Elizabeth Meet Bonnie and Clyde

White Collar Identity Crisis Season 4 Episode 6

In this episode of White Collar, called “Shoot the Moon,” Peter and Elizabeth try to get away for a romantic weekend and end up kidnapped by thieves who want to reenact Bonnie and Clyde.

I am so tempted to talk about the last minute of this episode first – since it’s fresh in my mind and all – but I think I’ll go ahead and talk about the story in order.

First up, Peter and Elizabeth trying to get away was very sweet, even though we all knew it was never going to happen. Those two have the worst luck and of course they end up on the wrong end of a kidnapping – though, then again, there’s not exactly a right end to a kidnapping is there? – anyway, I digress. I did enjoy the storyline with Peter and Elizabeth because I enjoy any time they get to interact together. We always see Peter and Neal, which is of course my favorite partnership on the show, but it’s nice when Elizabeth gets some time with her husband, too. I got a kick out of watching them try to work out how to get free and really admired Elizabeth for how calm and cool she was throughout the whole thing. Some non-FBI spouses could’ve been a hindrance in a situation like that but she was totally on the ball. I also liked how there was a dichotomy between Penny and Oz’s relationship and Peter and Elizabeth’s, while still having some similarities as well.

Then there was the Neal and Sara storyline which I have to say caught me a bit off guard. I missed the news that she was coming back but I guess it’s just as well because judging by what happened in this episode, it doesn’t look like she’s staying around long. She and Neal having one final fling before deciding to get their heads out of the clouds and put their feet back on the ground was sweet but also kind of sad.

Okay now that I’ve talked about the rest of the story, I can finally discuss the end. Because the show just came back, I feel like we have a lot of episodes left but there’s only two more after this, so I guess that explains why Elizabeth told Peter about making Neal lie. I was not expecting that to happen at all and yet it did make sense in that moment. So what’s going to happen now? Will Peter and Neal finally go back to working together to give Neal’s dad a normal life? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

My favorite bits..

Seriously wanting to move into Peter and Elizabeth’s place. Love the style of their house so much.

“Well, luckily for you, I have the upper body strength of a Norse god.”

Peter warning Elizabeth not to bother looking in his bag because he had packed to deceive. He’s so clever.

El coming up with more and more clever ways to try and find out where they were going on their trip.

Peter making the “does it smell like cake?” joke.

“You don’t trust me with your dog?”
“I don’t trust you with my house.”

Peter warning Neal that he would be changing his locks and security alarm codes as soon as they got back.

Sara breaking open the glass so that the thieves would get their stuff and get out.

“You’re making a very big mistake right now.” – One should listen when Peter uses that voice.

El dropping her earring. Clever girl!

Clinton and Diana talking over each other.

“Well at least this time we get to be tied up together.” – Leave it to Elizabeth to find the bright side.

Moz suggesting that he and Neal teach Peter a lesson by hiding a camera in the house.

“Whoa, seriously, boxed wine? We gotta get out of here.”

Neal and Moz stumbling across the very info that Peter wanted them to have anyway. I wonder if he left it out there for him on purpose?

Peter telling Elizabeth that they were going to have to work together to get his gun.

“The weird gets weirder.”
“Says the only woman in the room who has actually dated an inmate.” – Ha! Good point.

Neal admitting that he used to let his prospective “prison bunnies” down easily.

Elizabeth figuring out a way to get herself untied and then into their bags.

“You kidnapped me, you don’t get to judge me.”

Neal telling Moz that he was doing all this so that his father could come back and live a normal life.

The look on Neal’s face when the team finally realized that Peter and Elizabeth were kidnapped.

“My place has a hungry dog and a wine-drinking speed-reader.”

“I hope you get the job, not because I want you to leave, but because I want you to be happy.”

Neal refusing to wait for the FBI.

Peter trying over and over again to warn Neal that Oz had a real gun now.

Elizabeth pointing out to Penny that if it wasn’t for people like Oz, she wouldn’t worry as much about her husband.

Elizabeth holding a gun on Penny, but ultimately not being able to stop her.

Elizabeth realizing that Peter and Oz needed their help.

Peter talking Oz and Penny out of going out and getting themselves killed. The fact that it ended with a blank screen made it that much more poignant.

WHOA! I was so not expecting Elizabeth to tell Peter that she asked Neal to lie to him.

Ah, I was right about Peter leaving the files out on purpose.

“Let’s get that box and bring my father home.”

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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