The New Normal Season 1 Review “Dog Children” – Harvey Milkbone Teaches a Valuable Lesson

At first, I thought this episode of The New Normal, “Dog Children,” was going to be like the rest have and will be up until the birth of the baby. But, even though it was still in the ballpark of those filler episodes, it did have something new to add–the terrible reality of potential loss.

Bryan and David’s new puppy, Harvey Milkbone (clever name), has been giving the two a crash course on how to take care of a smaller being. They have another dog (more on him later), but this dog has helped them get acquainted with losing sleep, crying and first words (or, in Harvey’s case, first barks). But the biggest lesson Harvey teaches them is how to deal with the death of a loved one.

Harvey’s death brought home the scary thought of losing a child. Bryan and David’s reactions to their dog’s death gave a lot more realism and depth to what could have been a fluffy story, what with Shania becoming the Dowager Countess and Mother Superior. Bringing back our favorite priest also gave some much-needed seriousness to this show. To me, the priest has an excellent way of explaining spirituality and I wish he was in the show more. Not so much because I want to watch a spiritual show, but he gets really great lines.

The return of Goldie’s estranged husband is also something that added a little oomph to this series. The scare he and Goldie went through with the baby made him realize he’s been a horrible parent and spouse. He’s now planning on becoming a better person all around and I’m excited to see more of the transformation.

Okay, the thing about Harvey’s doggy roommate–if David and Bryan already have a dog, shouldn’t they have learned all of this stuff about taking care of another living thing before? Why did they need to get a completely new dog to relearn what they already know and should be doing every day with their current dog? I’m not a dog person, so maybe I’m missing something.

Also, when will the baby come?! I just want the baby to come already! He’s holding up the whole show! Yes, this episode was a good one as far as filler episodes go, but it’s still a filler episode. When will we stop with the “Let’s learn how to be parents” episodes and get to them actually being parents?! I’m just getting a little antsy.

What did you think of this episode? Am I being too harsh or am I justified in my frustration?