The Biggest Loser Season 14 Review “Work Together” – United We Stand

Oh those tricky producers at The Biggest Loser, as tensions rise with more people being sent home, the contestants learned this week that if they can collectively lose a total of 70 pounds, everyone gets immunity. Simple enough, right? Not on The Biggest Loser, where the contestants are already dealing with weight loss challenges, personal struggles and at this point in the competition, interpersonal politics.

Case in point – Jeff, who felt compelled to tell everyone that his vote for Mike was not “game play.” Pardon me, while I finish my skeptical eyeroll. Turns out Jeff’s priorities have changed a bit now that he’s grown closer to Francelina. The two have a common bond, as they’ve both used food to cope with the loss of a parent. It’s nice that they have each other and it certainly not the first time we’ve seen a love story unfold on the show.

Back to that 70 pound challenge, if the contestants failed to hit the number the red line of doom would return and the person with the lowest percentage would automatically go home.

The contestants received an opportunity to shed a few pounds off of that 70 pound goal without breaking a sweat. The kids returned to participate in a pop quiz challenge and the contestants took the same fitness test from their first week on the ranch. In the end, the contestants shaved 9 pounds off of the goal and only needed to collectively lose 61 pounds in order to keep everyone on the ranch another week.

Damn, Gina . . .

In a week when the collective ass is of the group is on the line, working together in the gym was crucial. Gina clearly didn’t get that message and rather than stay focused, she overreacted to a joke Joe made about attorneys. Get over it, Gina. Everyone makes jokes about attorneys. I say that with affection and as someone who happens to be an attorney. Not even a little special attention from Dolvett could change her attitude. When challenged by Jillian to run for 5 minutes at a speed of 6.0 on the treadmill, Gina quit and had a typical Biggest Loser temper tantrum. Needless to say, Jillian was not well-handled.

As the players headed into the final weigh-in, they’d manage to shave another 10 pounds from their collective goal in the weekly challenge. The group now only needed to collectively lose 51 pounds in order to be safe. Unfortunately, the contestants fell about 21 pounds short and Francelina found herself under the red line and on her way home. In a classic Biggest Loser twist of irony, it came down to Francelina and Jeff. Francelina was one pound short of safety, but looks like she’s doing just fine at home.

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