Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “Drive in the Knife”

Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 7 Drive in the Knife (10)

Everyone’s spiralling out of control in this week’s Switched at Birth, ‘Drive in the Knife’, as the problems that have been festering over the course of season two are threatening to explode. Regina’s drinking again, Daphne and Travis don’t see eye to eye about how to punish her attackers, and Bay and Toby are unwittingly sabotaging their dad’s campaign. It’s just another week at the Kennish/Vasquez house.

Starting with Daphne and Travis, I really had high hopes for their relationship when it began a few weeks ago. Travis is a troubled kid with a bad attitude so, when Daphne breaks things off with him just as his life is getting more and more difficult, he doesn’t react very well. Daphne’s attackers still haven’t been caught but, when the police call them in to identify the perpetrator, Travis refuses to cooperate. He wants to take out some of his innate on anger on the guy by himself, since it must be fairly easy to blame someone else for his problems.

None of this is fair on Daphne, of course, but she really shouldn’t have started a relationship with someone so fragile if she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted. In the laws of teenage angst, Travis had every right to fight Noah last week, and his heart is almost always in the right place when things kick off. Like John attempted to last season, someone needs to get him the help he desperately needs, and not abandon him just because he’s got a few issues. I hope he doesn’t disappear from the show now that he and Daphne aren’t a sure thing, as his character has been one of my favourite things on the series.

Bay gets less to do here, but is enlisted by her dad to create campaign billboards that will go up all over town. Of course, she gets a little overexcited, and the banners come out much more in keeping with her own taste than her dad’s. Overhearing that it could be the nail in the coffin of John’s flailing campaign, she withdraws her piece and allows the boring, conservative posters to go through instead. Toby, meanwhile, also accidently sabotages his dad’s chances by hooking up with a girl that also turns out to be the daughter of the opposition. That kid has the worst taste in women!

The big story of the night is, of course, Bay’s love life. When telling Emmett about her and Noah’s new romance, her ex makes his own case for their reunion, and I bet she’ll now be confused as to which one is the better choice. The audience, in contrast, aren’t confused at all, since fans almost universally love Emmett. He’s been barely present this season, so a rekindling of his and Bay’s relationship would at least mean he was around more often.

What did you think of the episode? Did Bay realise that Regina was drinking when she came home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.