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Fans were treated to some great news last week – Supernatural has been renewed for a 9th season! Pretty cool stuff for a little show that wasn’t sure it’d make it past season 2. The continuation of Sam and Dean’s story got me thinking about the past (almost) 8 years and what each has offered the Supernatural fandom.

With 7 seasons done, and season number 8 a few months shy of completion, I pose this question to you, Super fans – which season is your favorite?

Season 1

“Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days.”

That small sentence introduced fans to Sam and Dean Winchester, and the interesting life of their father, John. In season 1, Dean took Sam on a journey to find their missing father. From case to case, the boys became closer to finding dad, and Sam became more and more obsessed with finding the demon that killed his girlfriend, Jess.

We also became attached extremely quickly to the Winchesters, and felt like we were riding alongside the boys in the Impala while they hunted ghosts, possessed scarecrows, and even demons that pretended to be friends. We also learned that Sam has some crazy psychic powers, and the demon that John was hunting to avenge Mary’s death, was none other than the same demon that killed Jess.

Oh, and we were introduced to a little thing called “the colt”.

Season 2

“Hey Dad, you know, the demon, he said he had plans for me and the children like me. Do you have any idea what he meant by that?”

Season 2 opened with John trading his life for Dean’s. It also opened with John dropping a bomb on his oldest son about his brother that would stick with Dean through the entire series.

The Yellow Eyed demon finally revealed his plan for Sam, and gave reason as to why Sam had visions. Turns out Yellow Eyes was gathering an army of his “special children” – all kids were fed demon blood on the day they turned sixth months old. Azazel was ready to have the best of the bunch lead an army of demons to take over the world.

Sam was the front runner for the fight, but ended up being stabbed in the back during a fight with another kid. Dean trades his soul for Sam’s life, and a devil’s gate is opened up. Demons galore are released into the world, and by using the colt, Dean kills Yellow Eyes with the help of his father’s ghost.

Season 3

“I got a year to live, Sam. I’d like to make the most of it. So what do you say we kill some evil sons of bitches and we raise a little hell, huh?”

That quote pretty much sums up season 3. While it was shortened by the writer’s strike, season 3 of Supernatural followed Sam, Dean, and Bobby attempting to save Dean’s soul from hell. Season 3 also introduces the demon Ruby, and the master thief, Bela, into the mix. Ruby explains that the boys are up against one of their biggest foes – a demon named Lilith.

Lilith is out for Sam’s blood, and kills a lot of people to get to him. Now the boys not only have to deal with Dean’s impending death, but also have to work out a way to kill Lilith. They decide to use the colt, but come to find out that Bela has stolen it and sold it to the highest bidder.

Not to worry, Bela gets hers (even though I wanted her to stay)… but the boys aren’t so lucky. There’s a showdown between Lilith and the boys with Ruby at their side, but Dean ends up dead and Sam ends up still living without his brother.

Season 4

“I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition.”

Season 4 introduced fans to the angel Castiel. Cas grabbed Dean from hell and was sent by heaven to lead him on a specific mission.

With Lilith running free she has the plan to release Lucifer and end the world. It’s up to Dean to stop her from breaking 66 seals. It’s also brought to Dean’s attention that he is actually the vessel of the archangel, Michael. As he’s the only one that can destroy Lucifer, it’s up to Dean to make the decision to let him in and take on Lilith. Dean isn’t thrilled with this news, and even less thrilled that Sam has been shaking up with Ruby while he was gone.

Turns out that Ruby is helping Sam by feeding him demon blood – beefing up his powers to kill demons. Just another thing that Dean isn’t on board with, and with good reason. During all of this, Dean and Castiel become close, and Cas starts to rebel from the other angels in heaven.

We also find out that John Winchester wasn’t a monk after Mary died. Sam and Dean have a half brother named Adam, and Adam is also able to become Michael’s vessel based on John’s bloodline. It’s a race against time as Lilith breaks seal after seal, Cas battles his rebellion against heaven, and Sam drinks demon blood despite everything Dean tells him.

When the boys arrive and at the urging of Ruby, Sam kills Lilith, but turns out Dean was right – Ruby played Sam to kill Lilith to open Lucifer’s cage. In a moment where I cheered out loud, Sam and Dean kill Ruby, but cannot stop Lucifer from rising.

Season 5

“Up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well… isn’t that kinda the whole point?”

Supernatural was supposed to end after season 5, and to this day remains my favorite season of the series. With Lucifer on his way to taking over, Dean and Cas working together to stop the end of the world, and Sam trying to figure out how he can redeem himself from trusting Ruby, it’s perfect.

We also get to meet Crowley, a demon that is “king of the crossroads”. He gives the boys The Colt and tells them that it will help them to kill Lucifer. Apparently Crowley likes being in charge of his demons and does not want Lucifer to get too powerful.

Lucifer gets extremely close to gaining full power, and releases the four horsemen of the apocalypse onto the world. However, Sam and Dean are able to stop the horsemen and with Crowley’s help on D-Day, talk to Death himself… who agrees to help out with their Lucifer situation.

Meanwhile, Sam says “yes” to becoming Lucifer’s vessel – which will allow him to jump back into hell. That is, provided he can take control back from Lucifer while he’s knocking around inside his head. Without Dean to say yes to Michael, and without any other options, the angels have Adam say yes instead.

Sam can’t fight Lucifer, and ends up fighting Adam on the grounds of Stull Cemetery – right in Kansas where everything started. It takes Dean to get through to Sam and to help him fight against Lucifer… and in one moment of redemption, Sam steps into the pit of hell, sealing Lucifer inside.

Season 6

“Do me a favor… don’t scratch the wall. Because, trust me, you’re not going to like what happens.”

Dean is living a “normal life” and is shocked to discover that Sam is back. Not only is he back, but he’s hunting with family that Dean never even knew existed. With the help of Castiel, Dean and Sam discover that while they don’t know who or what brought Sam out of hell, it did leave a part of him back in the pit. Sam’s soul is back with Lucifer and Michael, and without it Sam is more machine than man.

He has no concept of right and wrong, doesn’t sleep, and does things like letting Dean get turned into a vampire to find the full nest of vamps. Calling on Death once again, Dean asks him to get Sam’s soul and return it, despite warnings from Castiel, Death, and even Crowley that doing so may cause serious harm to his brother.

When Sam wakes after his soul is returned, he has no recollection of being soulless – thanks to a wall that Death put up before returning Sam’s soul.

Crowley is hunting for “Alpha monsters”, the first of specific species… and using Sam and Dean’s family to help him capture the creatures. Turns out that King of the Crossroads is now King of Hell, and really wants to know where purgatory is – so he can harvest the souls that are living there.

With Castiel working against Raphael in heaven and trying to win a war against his angel brother, it’s not a surprise that he’s actually working with Crowley to retrieve souls from purgatory to help him win his war. What IS surprising is that he breaks down Sam’s mind wall, causing him to go comatose and have to fight against different parts of himself before he can fully be repaired.

When Sam finally meets up with Dean to stop Castiel from opening Purgatory, he’s too late – Cas has already killed Raphael, already has sucked souls from purgatory, and already scared the crap out of Crowley. Cas is now the “new” God.

Season 7

“Sure you’re not a Leviathan. Dick Roman’s not a Leviathan. Gwyneth Paltrow’s not a Leviathan…”

In the last complete season of Supernatural, Castiel is possessed by Leviathan, and unleashes the creatures on the world.

Not only are these things ruthless, but they can turn into anyone just by touching them. This leads the things to high places in government, and allows them to inject the food of the entire country. They’re gross, they eat people, and now America has turned into their own feasting grounds.

Sam is working through his issues of hell, and starts to see hallucinations of Lucifer and his cage. He has issues determining what’s real and what isn’t, and ends up unable to function as Lucifer haunts his every thought. Enter Dean who tracks down “Emmanuel”, a person that is able to perform miracles. Turns out that Emmanuel is actually Castiel without his memory. Once Cas realizes who he is, he enters the hospital where Sam is held, and takes away his hallucinations, bringing them on himself.

Meg is set to watch over Castiel while Sam and Dean deal with Bobby’s death and warding off the Leviathans. We end the season with Dean and Castiel in purgatory, and Sam once again, on his own.


With 7 complete season, and 8 almost at a wrap, which is your favorite? Let me hear from you in comments!

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