Monday Mornings Season 1 Review “Who’s Sorry Now?”

Monday Mornings had a pretty good third episode with ‘Who’s Sorry Now?’, in which Wilson and Robidaux operate on a homeless man who is suffering delusions due to a brain tumour. He comes out of surgery a completely different person, remembering his real name and that he has a family waiting for him. Can he move past the seven years he lost and rebuild his life? Nobody knows for sure, but Wilson is hopeful.

Park operated on an overweight man who suffered a stroke. During a craniotomy to relieve the pressure on his swelling brain, the man takes a turn for the worst and is pronounced brain dead. Sung approaches his wife tell her about the situation, and later, to ask about turning off his life support, with his usual directness. This doesn’t go down well with Hooten, who points out that saying ‘sorry’ is helpful for both the family and the hospital (since they are less likely to sue). The episode ends with Park unexpectedly turning up on the man’s wife’s doorstep to say a heartfelt ‘sorry’.

I actually really enjoyed most of this episode. With the exception of the M&M meeting, which still seems like it exists for the sole purpose of giving Hooten a reason to grandstand, the episode melded interesting plots with some halfway interesting character growth; I’m still not sure Sydney’s a particularly likeable character, but the date was fun to see.

The case against Buck dragged a little, but it raised some really good points about the organ donation process and how much sense it makes to people who don’t understand the logistics — or, in the case of the lawyer, who just want to make money. It seems likely that the case will be settled, but these are issues that can, and perhaps should, be revisited in future. It’s a shame that the case against Ridgeway and Robidaux was settled, though. That could have been a decent secondary plot in a future episode, too.

Overall, a good watch. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would given the previous two episodes. Here’s hoping next week is just as enjoyable.

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