Lost Girl Season 3 Review “The Kenzi Scale”

On the latest episode of “Lost Girl,” entitled “The Kenzi Scale,” we picked up where we left off, with Bo convinced that Kenzi was not “her” Kenzi and that the real Kenzi was elsewhere, either captive or- shudder-worse. As viewers, we also have noticed something off with Kenzi as of late, ever since her big chainsaw-fueled showdown with the Narn, during which she poured some concoction on herself. On this episode, we finally discovered what really went down.

Before that, however, there was a lot of second-guessing, as the gang suspected that Bo was off her rocker, not helped by the fact that she’s been a murder suspect on Dyson and Tamsin’s end for some time now. Convinced Bo is the actual problem, they lock her up at Trick’s place until they can figure out what’s really going on. Lauren runs her usual barrage of tests, but the results are inconclusive. She has the signs of a virus, but there doesn’t seem to be any infection. Trick suspects he knows what’s really going on, but he asks Lauren to double-check one last time much to Lauren’s chagrin, given her exacting methods, not to mention the fact that Bo is, after all, her girlfriend.

In the meantime, Kenzi’s behavior is getting more overtly wacky, even by her standards. Of all people, it’s Tamsin that suspects something is off. The problem is, as it turns out, she’s in league with the Morrigan in some way. What we know so far is that her assignment in the police department was punishment for something she did as a bounty hunter previously. Apparently, she ticked off the wrong people, hence her new job. What exactly that was remains to be seen, but she obviously has to report to the Morrigan, who warns her not to get too attached to the “Happy Sunshine Gang.”

The Morrigan also tasks her with another assignment: to talk to the patient in a coma that survived what was ostensibly Bo’s attack. She wants Tamsin to use her Valkyrie powers to compel him to talk and confess that it was Bo who attacked him, so that they can use the information to get Bo put away for good, or possibly even executed. We finally got a look at what those powers really were, and Tamsin’s true face, which decidedly wasn’t as pretty as her usual one. It seems that Tamsin can make people feel plagued with self-doubt and heavily impair their judgment, which one can see could come in handy for a variety of reasons for someone looking to gain the upper hand in certain situations, such as a war.

However, it may be that Tamsin is thinking about a membership in the “HSG” after all, as she lies to the Morrigan after completing said assignment and getting a confirmation with the patient in question. Tamsin claims that he died before she could get a positive ID on Bo being the culprit, when we see that she, in fact, did. The Morrigan sees that she lied, too, and warns her that her actions may have consequences.

Her other actions certainly do, as she opts to spring Bo from captivity and get to the bottom of the Kenzi thing. Dyson catches them in the process, and Tamsin has to use her powers against him, before Bo sneaks up behind him and knocks him out. This results in Dyson being down for the count for a while, only to wake up with an uncharacteristically seductive Kenzi looking to take advantage of the situation. Thankfully, he finally sees the light and a fight ensues, with Dopple-Kenzi getting taken out in the process. Lauren confirms that it is indeed not Kenzi, thankfully, but rather a fae posing as Kenzi, which is a relief to Dyson and us all.

It seems the real Kenzi is locked away in a dank, dark cave guarded by zombie-like creatures. She was captured by Inari, a Kitsune- or “fox fae”- which have the power to glamour themselves and appear as someone else. She made a deal with the Narn herself for a friend (which is unbelievably sad), only to get stripped of all her powers. Then Kenzi came along and spilled some of her captured powers on herself during the battle with the Narn, and Inari got wind of it and captured her in order to reclaim her powers.

One thing I wasn’t clear on was the fact that, while we know that the Narn always delivers her promises at a price, it seemed that Inari got a raw deal all around. Her so-called friends all thought she was crazy, and she got booted out of the sorority she was part of, which she set fire to at one point! Tamsin was brought in as security, and successfully ousted her to exile in the cave. I guess the lack of Kitsune power drove her crazy and caused her to mess up her own situation herself with her friends, one of which reported that she stole her boyfriend among other proclivities.

Whatever the case, the sorority girls, who are fae as well (I always knew there was a reason sorority girls were evil, LOL) give Bo & Tamsin the directions to the cave and they’re off and running to save poor Kenzi. Along the way, Bo is in pretty bad shape, so she has to feed on Tamsin, neither of who are thrilled about. Bo’s powers of seduction seem to have no effect on Tamsin, which must be a by-product of her own powers, but Bo definitely notices something different about Tamsin’s “Chi,” which she reports tastes different from other people. Tamsin chooses to take that as a compliment.

Bo refueled, they track down the cave and Bo bursts in to save her, and our, beloved Kenzi, who is chained inside. Dyson also shows up at the last minute to help out, and helps to carry Kenzi out of the cave and to safety. Bo also saves Tamsin from the wrath of a zombie-like creature. They call it even, given Tamsin’s invaluable help in getting to the bottom of the Kenzi problem. Though there is still a distance between Tamsin in the rest, it is clear her valiant actions do not go unnoticed by the group, meaning there may be hope for her after all. We’ll see how this pans out in the future, particularly in regards to the whole Morrigan thing.

Last but not least, we have the pay-off to the Bo thing. It seems that what Bo appears to actually be suffering from is something known as “The Dawning,” only it’s happening some 200 years ahead of schedule. It’s a rite of passage that fae must train for for years, with the end result being either you pass or you don’t and you devolve into something inhuman…not unlike the zombie-like creatures guarding Inari’s cave. Hmm.

Trick knows all about it, of course, and promises to help train Bo to the best of his abilities, but they are at a disadvantage in that it is happening early and on a seemingly accelerated scale to boot, as evidenced by Bo’s uncharacteristic behavior and certain other signs, such as an acute sense of smell, which Trick says is the first sign of “de-evolution.” Will they have time to adequately prepare Bo for what’s to come? Only time will tell.

So, what did you think of the resolution of the Kenzi-gone-bad storyline? I thought Ksenia Solo really stepped up to the plate for this one, literally and effectively playing against herself in some scenes (shades of Nina Dobrev on “The Vampire Diaries”) and bringing the bad girl alt-Kenzi in others, like her cringe-inducing encounters with Bo and Dyson. While it was fun seeing faux-Kenzi play at being the bad girl, I for one, am glad to have the real thing back, as I’m sure all her fans will agree. It wouldn’t be the same show without her.

Where do you think “Lost Girl” is headed next? What’s the real deal with Tamsin? What is the Morrigan up to and what does she have over Tamsin? What’s the deal with the whole “Dawning” thing and why is it happening ahead of schedule? Let me know what you think in the comments!