Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Review “Pa’ ani” – Bromance is in the Air

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 17 Pa’ ani

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Pa’ ani,” the team searches for the killer of a man murdered during a fake shootout and Danny and Steve’s bromance goes up a few more notches because of a football game.

After watching the preview clip of this episode – the one where Catherine meets Steve and Danny outside of the police station and talks about not wanting to interrupt their “man-date” – I was very excited to see this one. Because of that clip, I was hoping that the bromance would be cranked up on this one and boy, was it ever. Sure, we got a cargument, but there were a lot more moments than that. Then there was also Steve’s obvious embarrassment over Danny’s obsession with fantasy football, all of the discussions about which player was better, the Beatles and Stones argument (hilarious to me that I actually sided with Steve on that one) and so much more. The best example had to be the end though; when Danny gave up those amazing seats that he worked so hard to get, so that he could go with Steve to the hospital. And then Steve returning the favor by getting them onto the field; that was, in a word, awesome.

In addition to the bromance, this episode was packed full of fun, as well as a lot of guest stars. Train’s Pat Monohan as Redding was great. I’m the first person to cringe when they let musician’s “act” on TV shows, but he was actually really good. If I hadn’t known who he was, I would’ve assumed he was just another actor. Speaking of cringing: I loved Larry Manetti on Magnum P.I when I was a kid, but wow, that man cannot sing. Luckily we only saw that for a minute and the rest of the time I enjoyed him on screen. Arian Foster was okay, too. He didn’t take me out of the story, which was pretty good considering. Overall, I enjoyed this one a lot.

My favorite bits..

The music in that first scene. The tunes they have been playing this season are off the hook.

Kamekona inviting himself to the game.

Danny and Steve arguing over who was going to pay for the Pro Bowl tickets

Danny talking about all the reasons why Peyton Manning was better than Tom Brady.

“This isn’t fighting.” – That made me laugh so hard. A, because it’s true and B, because I loved that they agreed on it.

“Working with you is harrowing enough. I do not need you hunting me for sport.”
“You’re right; it wouldn’t be much of a challenge.”

“Wow. The award for Best Performance by a Murder Suspect goes to..”

“I’ll drive.”
“You don’t say.” – Haha! Danny took the words right out of my mouth.

Steve and Danny both raising their hands when Catherine asked “who doesn’t love America’s Team?”

“That’s very cute. You gotta Cowboys fan dating a Redskins fan. That’s like the Capulets and the Montagues.”

Danny deciding to let the awkward moment fade out when Steve told Catherine that he was already going to the game with Danny.

“The Kid” knocking out their bad guy. Nice!

The rent-a-cop proudly announcing to Kono that he’d applied to HPB and that they might get to work together soon. The look on her face in reply to that was priceless.

The look on the guard’s face when Kono announced that Arian Foster was even hotter without the pads and the helmet. That was priceless, too.

Danny obsessing over one fumble.

Steve agreeing that Danny should let the fumble go.

The cargument about Danny’s obsession with the fumble, and Steve referring to fantasy football as “Dungeons and Dragons for sports-geeks.”

Danny pointing out to Catherine that he wasn’t missing anything by not tailgating, because he could eat grilled Spam any day of the week.

Steve’s flying tackle onto the escalator.

The look on Danny’s face when he saw Steve’s shoulder.

“You realize this is not that kind of football, right?” “I’m being ironic.”

Danny giving the seats to Kono and Catherine so he could stay with Steve while they set his arm. Awwww!

Poor Steve getting his arm set. Ouch.

Danny mumbling at the TV when he was watching the game, and then noticing how much fun the girls were having.

Steve trying to make up for Danny missing the game by getting them time in the field.

Catherine giving Danny the autographed ball from Peyton Manning.

Steve throwing the ball for Danny. That was too adorable and OMG Danny’s legs move fast.

“You know, if his legs could move as fast as his mouth, he could play for the NFL.” – Really?? Because I was thinking that nothing moves faster than Danny’s little legs. LOL.

Steve remarking that he needed to see a doctor. Aw, he hurt himself again for Danny.

Danny leaping up to touch the goal post. Wow, he can jump!

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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