Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “The Gambler” – Islands in the Stream

Old habits die hard, and in this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie, “The Gambler,” Wade proved it when, after losing a battle of the bands contest and the twenty thousand dollar prize that would have helped him open his bar, he reverted to his old, womanizing ways. See, this is why I just could never fully get behind him and Zoe. I kept feeling it was going to go like this.

Because Wade, for all of his swamp wisdom and street smarts, has absolutely no self-confidence. He has decided that trying to make something more out of his life would take way too much effort and change, so he sabotages every opportunity and chance that comes along. Zoe might be blissfully ignorant for now, but it’s only a matter of time before she finds out about his boobalicious consolation prize. I’d like to see him try to argue his way out of that one, or try to make it seem like Zoe is the one with the problem, which is pretty much what he always does. This time, she did nothing wrong except try to be honest about his band and help him improve so that he could win.

With George singing vocals, Wade could have won the battle, but then he wouldn’t have had any excuse not to go ahead with the bar. He would have had to work and people would have expected him to do something big. It was way easier for him to fire George, lose the contest, and leave with a groupie. Sorry, Wade. I’m back on Team George, especially since he didn’t seem like so much of a joke this week.

While all of this was going on, Lavon was trying to get over Annabeth, but found it hard to do when he was officiating wedding ceremonies and helping plan proposals. (Not that Wanda needed any help asking Tom to marry her; her zombie performance of “Islands in the Stream” makes my top ten TV proposals of all time.) Despite the girl code keeping Annabeth away from him, Lavon made it clear he was willing to wait until her friendship with Lemon was mended.

He might be waiting for a long time. Lemon is nowhere near forgiving Annabeth for sleeping with Lavon. She even decided to dissolve their business. Poor Annabeth; it’s not her fault Lemon messed up her love life so thoroughly. Girl needs to get over it quickly.

So, what did you think about the episode? Anyone moving to Team George? Or do you want to take a stab at defending Wade’s actions? Let me know below. And remember you can always follow me on Twitter @krieli1 so you never miss a review.