Face Off Season 4 Review “Bugging Out” – Creepy Crawly Creations

FACE OFF -- Episode 406 - (Photo by: Nicole Wilder / Syfy

When the best thing that I can come up with after watching an episode of Face Off is “eh”, there’s a problem. I’m not sure what it is about the cast of season 4, but each week I’m left more and more disappointed in everyone. The only person that has been consistent in their creations and their execution have been Anthony and Eric F (save the gummy bear fiasco and tonight’s episode for Anthony). Other than those two, every single contestant has just bombed on several creations.

That said – I’m sure you can guess the theme of tonight’s episode with a title like “Bugging Out”. The contestants were each able to choose an image from a set of television screens. Each screen held a magnified picture of part of a bug. The idea was to take the texture shown in the image and incorporate it into an original insect hybrid.

You’ know things are bad when the foundation challenge presents more complete make up presentations than the actual spotlight challenge. Foundation was to take a well know female story book character and make her into a “bad girl”. The designers choose from several heroine characters, and Eric F’s Little Red Ridinghood turning into a werewolf won him immunity.

This allowed him to go a little far out while creating his spider hybrid – and he pushed the envelope with the placement of his creature’s appendages and where they were protruding from his model. Did his creation work? Of course, he’s Eric, and even when his designs don’t work, they still work. Not much was said about his piece, probably because the others bombed so horribly that the judges were just pleased to see something that could actually be construed as an insect.

Wayne created a firefly that was executed from his design beautifully, until he forgot the piece that tied the picture to the make up in the work room. Is it just me or does this cast forget pieces of their designs in the work room more than the rest of the Face Off contestants combined? I have no idea how you forget the MAIN PIECE of your creation. Oh, and? How about the lack of time management from approximately every single person in this cast?

I am shocked that ANYTHING gets done in that work room that any of the designers are willing to put on that stage.

Anyway, Kris also did a great job with his butterfly, the wings made me nervous at first, but turned out to be absolutely stunning once they were on the model. Between his wings and the fact that Wayne left behind the reason for his makeup, Kris got to leave the stage a Face Off spotlight challenge winner.

Those that were safe consisted of Autumn, House, and the Erics. For my own selfish reasons, I’d appreciate it if Autumn went home next. I understand that this isn’t a popularity contest, however, the girl is just a touch on the annoying side and seems to think she can do no wrong.

With those four safe, Anthony, Alam, and Meagan stepped into the bottom looks. Sweet Lord, I’m not sure what Alam was thinking with her grasshopper that looked like it could be in the cast of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, and when questioned on her choices, Alam didn’t even know what she was thinking during the creation of the piece.

It was dreadful. The back wasn’t completely painted, wings (which looked like a Halloween Costume) were literally tied together, and the model was wearing flip-flops sprayed in glitter.

What. The. Hell.

Not that Meagan’s was much better, but at least her moth sort of resembled the creature that she choose. Hair, long, beautiful hair, flowed all over the stupid thing… except in the places where Meagan decided to toss some paint in for kicks.

Actually, the colors of the paint were the inspiration part of her piece, but horrible execution on her part led the judges to wonder what in the world she was thinking. It looked like a muddy glob, and even Meagan herself didn’t like it.

While leads us to Anthony. Wonderful, sweet Anthony that is always in the top looks because he’s awesome, found himself on the bottom this week with his army ant. A little too precious with the duffle bag and camouflage pants … never mind that the chest piece was horrible and the antenna looked like pieces of PCP pipe shoved into the model’s face.

Repeat after me, Face Off cast: TIME. MANAGEMENT.

Learn it.

Alam ended up going home since she couldn’t even defend her decision to cast her piece in silicon and then color it purple (what?!). At least that’s one down that should have been eliminated earlier on in the show.

Next week we get to see alien werewolves… and apparently there is drama with Autumn and her teammate. Shocking.

Until then, Face Off fans!

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