Exclusive Interview: Dana Delany Discusses Body of Proof Season 3

Dana Delany Body of Proof Season 3

Body of Proof is planning to come back with a bang this season and TV Equals was excited to talk exclusively with Dana Delany, who plays Dr. Megan Hunt. Delany talked about what fans will be able to see this season, the new regulars and plotlines that makes this season more of a re-energized version of itself. Body of Proof premieres February 19 at 10/9c on ABC.

How will Megan deal with Peter’s death throughout this season?

Dana Delany: Well, the season starts with her mourning the loss of Peter. And then, she kind of snaps out of it by the reality of Tommy Sullivan showing up, who’s played by Mark Valley. And he’s somebody that she dated in New York 20 years earlier, and it did not end well. and now he’s come to Philadelphia to win her back and to work with her, so she’s not really happy about that. She’s not happy about either of those things.

I read that in the beginning of the premiere, Megan’s daughter is held hostage, which is a pretty bold way for the show to come back for a new season. Is there anything else in the premiere episode that will make fans hold on to the edge of their seats?

Dana Delany: Yeah, it kind of sets the tone for the whole season, which is going to be different this year. Kind of a reboot for us. We brought in a producer who had been on 24, so there’s a lot more action, there’s a lot more pace and drama and…danger. We start with a serial killer who kidnaps my daughter, Lacey [Mary Mouser], and part of the issue there…is she’s a diabetic and she doesn’t have her insulin with her. If you’ve watched the show, you’ll know that Megan just got her daughter back, so she’s not going to lose her again.

What do you think about the new characters?

Dana Delany: I’m very happy Mark Valley is on the show now as Detective Tommy Sullivan. I’ve worked with Mark before and I think he’s just a really fun, good actor and also not bad to look at. And we also have a young actor named Elyes Gabel, who’s English. He’s great because he’s got a lot of energy and he’s kind of like a puppy dog. I think the young girls are going to go for him.

What else can fans expect from this rebooted season?

Dana Delany: Well, besides more action, I’d say each episode is an event unto themselves. The first two episodes are a kidnapping, we have a plane crash, we have an exorcism, we have a mob war story…The stakes are higher. On a personal level, Megan is dealing with her father’s suicide. He committed suicide when she was 12 and it really affected her life. She finally realizes she needs to go to a psychiatrist and talk about it, which is really hard for her because Megan doesn’t like discussing her feelings at all. She goes to the psychiatrist, who’s played by Henry Ian Cusick, who’s on Lost, and starts to question whether her father actually did commit suicide.

What is one thing that you love the most about playing Megan?

Dana Delany: Well, first of all, I love how smart she is. I think it’s really great to have a female character on television that intelligent. I also…love that even though she’s smart, she’s very complex, she’s not comfortable with her emotions at all, which many doctors are not. So, I think a lot of her journey is her trying to admit that she cares, admit that she’s terrified to have feelings, admit that she needs somebody, like all of us. It’s a very hard thing to do, to admit you need somebody.

If you could guest star on any TV show, which one would it be?

Dana Delany: Oh, wow. There’re so many. I’d like to be on Girls. I’m a big fan of Girls, I’m a big fan of Lena Dunham. It would be fun to be on that show.