Deception Season 1 Review “Tell Me” – More Mysteries!

Deception (NBC) Episode 6 Tell Me

Phew! I was afraid there wasn’t going to be enough steam to propel Deception forward! Thankfully, we do have some new things revealed to us in “Tell Me.” Will it be enough to keep things fresh? I don’t know yet, but at least we now have something new to work with. Here’s what we learned tonight:

Audrey’s being pimped out: I think this is way too much to do for a job to find out the scoop on a competitor’s drug, but whatever. I do like the fact that Audrey’s mission to find out more about Lyritrol is the parallel to Joanna’s mission to find out who killed Vivian. Both are working undercover and both are working Julian over to see if he’ll tell them anything of value. They might as well work together and kill two birds with one stone. But anyway, I’m kind of sad to see Julian get played by both Joanna and Audrey. Soon, he’s going to think he can’t trust women. But he’s not very trustworthy himself–he’s now confirmed as the son Robert goes to to get the enforcer-type stuff done. Once again, some suspicion is thrown on him.

That annoying tabloid girl: Nichole (Anna Wood) makes journalists like me look bad. Look, if you’re watching this show, just know that not all of us journalists are abrasive, obstinate and pig-headed. Some of us actually have bouts of severe nervousness before doing interviews, aren’t busybodies and would rather stay indoors cooking or watching television and movies than go chase around an undercover cop to try and destroy a rich family who have too many ways of getting out of trouble or almost get said cop and themselves killed in a Russian bakery/mafia hideout. However, I’m also not a tabloid journalist, so I guess I can’t really speak for them. But the point I’m making is that “Lois Lane” stereotype annoys the everliving daylights out of me, so erase Lois and Nichole from your mind when you think of female journalists or journalists in general. Some fit the bill, some don’t.

Haverstock tells all: Mia finally gets the answer that’s been hidden from her now that she knows her parents are actually her grandparents. Haverstock talks to Mia during her house party and tells her he’s her father. Mia’s not thrilled about that. She’s especially not excited about being the product of statutory rape. But on the flip side, we also now know what Kyle is around for. He’s employed by Haverstock to keep an eye on Mia. Everything about him is going to be revealed sooner or later as well.

Haverstock is even more powerful than we suspected: It seems like Haverstock holds many more cards than I even knew he had. Apparently, Sofia is somehow indebted to Haverstock–something involving blood, her ex (and now incarcerated) boyfriend Wyatt (John Pyper-Ferguson) and Sofia wanting to block his upcoming parole. She gets Haverstock to block it because something from her past is going to get out if Wyatt’s out. Obviously, from the flashback, they’ve killed someone, but who is it, why did they do it and how did Haverstock actually make Sofia and Robert meet? How did he ensure their current “happiness?” He’s the Devil in this show and it’s good to finally have someone who’s really untouchable, someone whom even the Bowers have to kowtow to, as much as they hate it.

Edward is out for blood: After his big fight with Julian at the unveiling of Lyritol’s upcoming public release, publicly quitting the Bower drug corporation and finding out that all the studies were faked and the victims’ families paid off, Edward is now out to destroy his family, especially his father. However, I thought we knew the studies were faked weeks ago. Didn’t we go over that plot point before? Because even though I’m reviewing these episodes, I’m watching them for the first time along with all of you guys, so I know nothing about upcoming storylines. Anyways, I’m excited to see Edward’s big plans that were teased in next week’s preview. I hope he has everything worked out.

Julian getting served…a little: Why does Joanna feel remorse when she tells Julian she’s not interested in him? She’s “interested” in Will, right? I mean, I get why one can feel slightly bad, but I don’t know why it upset her as much as it obviously did. She has been totally flirting with him ever since she’s been there. She should have shut that stuff down in the beginning if she didn’t want to get involved with him. Or, since she’s undercover, getting involved with him would have served her well. He would tell her tons of stuff, I’m sure. What I’m getting at is that when it comes to this “love triangle,” Joanna either needs to piss or get off the pot. Sorry to be vulgar (that’s my first time actually using that phrase!) but if you like Julian, fine. If you like Will, fine. But give one of them definite vibes and the other the cold shoulder. It also doesn’t help that she’s moved in with Julian, driving him to the manipulative arms of Audrey.

Overall, there’s a lot of cool things that will keep me curious. I’m especially curious to see how the upcoming episode isn’t going to reveal everything. I mean, Edward’s holding a damning press conference, after all and accusing Robert of the murder of his own daughter. How will this keep going? We’ll see it through together.