Dallas Season 2 Review “Trial and Error” – Another Score for the Bad Guys

Time is always a wonky thing on TV, but I have to assume that the events of “Trial and Error,” this week’s episode of Dallas, must have been spread out over at least a couple of months. It’s the only way I can explain how Anne went to trial so quickly and Rebecca went from skinny jeans to maternity clothes over the space of a commercial break.

Yes, with her blood-spattered boots as evidence against Ryland’s false accusation, Anne fell on her own sword for the attempted murder of her ex-husband, but not before Emma got to witness her beloved father admitting that he’d wrongfully blamed Bobby in order to hurt Anne. Still, even knowing something was up there, Emma’s brainwashing was too complete and on the stand, she took her father’s side, although she was clearly shaken and upset to hear Anne’s side of the story.

Surprisingly, Rebecca took the stand in Anne’s defense, as Anne was the only Ewing to show her unconditional kindness. The whole trial shook Rebecca, or maybe it was just feeling her babies move, but she doesn’t seem as totally dedicated to her father’s plan for taking down the Ewings as she was before. It helps that she stopped sleeping with John Ross; of course, from the moment she decided she didn’t want him, he wanted her all the more.

Speaking of John Ross, there has to be some sort of consequence for his betrayal of his father. JR does not forgive or forget, not even for his only son, not even at SueEllen’s request. John Ross has already gotten away with too much this season. He even got Elena’s brother arrested, which puts her contract with SueEllen in serious danger thanks to a morals clause. Basically I’m saying that the good guys need to win one soon. They’re just taking a continuous beating so far this year, and while that makes for good television, it’s also sometimes frustrating.

Back to Anne, the jury wasn’t swayed by the truth about her sick and twisted life with Ryland and his mother, and she was found guilty. Sent to booking, she passed by an old face, the South American dude who killed the fake Marta del Sol last year and tried to frame John Ross for it. He’s been granted extradition to his country, but if you saw the preview, you know that’s not going to end well.

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