Castle Season 5 Review “Target” – Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Castle Season 5 Episode 15 Target (3)
Anyone who reads these reviews regularly knows that I’ve been a little disappointed in Castle so far this season, but “Target,” this week’s episode, completely captivated my attention, held it for the full hour, and left me counting down the days until next week’s conclusion. I, like many of you out there, have to know what happens to Alexis.

As I suspected several episodes back, Alexis’s need to blog her every thought and movement led to her being kidnapped alongside her friend, Sara, the daughter of a wealthy Egyptian businessman. As of now, it seems like Alexis was just collateral damage, as the kidnappers speak Arabic, but there’s still a remote possibility that Alexis might have been the target.

Regardless, Castle was understandably devastated. (Nathan Fillion, you tore my heart into pieces and you deserve an Emmy nomination for this episode alone.) Not only was he on the brink of losing it when a large pool of blood was found in the getaway van used in the kidnapping, but when the injured driver was discovered, he used some terrible method of torture to extract more information from him.

I was glad that Beckett didn’t dwell too much on that. She, of all people, had to understand what lengths people would go to for their loved ones, and it seemed like she was willing to give him a pass, both professionally and personally. Points in her favor.

Joining the team was FBI agent Harris (Dylan Walsh), who actually seems like he might be more of a help than a hinderance, rare for an FBI guy in a cop drama. I hate to do this, but I have to put him on my suspect list. Can you explain why the kidnappers have been a step ahead of the team all along?

Meanwhile, Alexis used her brains and Castle’s unorthodox parenting lessons to find a way out of the room she and Sara had been locked in. She managed to make a Skype connection with her father, but got cut off by the need to run for her life. As she discovered when she made it out onto the roof of the building (and as Castle discovered when the call was traced), she and Sara were taken all the way to Paris.

We ended there, which means that everyone will be back next week, right? #SaveAlexis

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