Bunheads Season 1 Review “It’s Not A Mint”

There’s a certain magic, sometimes, that can happen when a TV show forces all its characters into one space for an episode; “It’s Not A Mint” doesn’t live up to that promise. It’s not a terrible episode, by any means, but it indulges some of the worst habits Bunheads has. Namely, the overly twee Tommy Lee Jones riffing that ran through the whole thing. It was the worst kind of cutesy, and never funny, and I wanted to get it out here at the top because it really soured my enjoyment of a lot of the episode for me, especially because even the character stuff behind it, Carl and Jeff fighting over Boo, just didn’t work for me.

Otherwise, though, “It’s Not A Mint” was pretty solid. With so many characters around, no one got a special focus (besides Michelle, obviously), but we did get all the bunheads playing off each other, and spinning off to deal with their own romantic situations, including Melanie’s nascent one with the local dopey-guy-who-knows-about-photography, which I don’t care for, but also don’t mind. Roman and Sasha were surprisingly cute in the opening at her apartment; I think I like Roman more now that everything’s out in the open with them.

It’s Michelle and Talia that really are the center of this episode, with Truly tagging along to be Truly, and that gave us the one purely dramatic moment of the hour, when Michelle breaks down and tells Talia that she shouldn’t be marrying that old guy. It’s a good scene, where both characters constantly undercut the tension with jokes and tangents about dog breeds, and both actresses are up to it.

Mostly, though, “It’s Not A Mint” felt like Bunheads holding its breath before next week’s finale. Everything that’s happened so far this half of the season is just allowed to stew, which may be setting up for a fantastic episode later (fingers crossed), but makes for a less-than-dynamic episode now.