Arrow: Ollie’s Island Adventures

Through Ollie’s flashbacks in the last few episodes of Arrow we’ve learned quite a bit about the ordeals that Ollie endured on the island which shaped him into Starling City’s hooded vigilante. Although there has been some significant development in the story of Ollie’s history, there are still a lot of questions that have yet to be addressed in those flashbacks.

I’ve made a list of the top five things I’m waiting for Arrow to explain over the course of Ollie’s island flashbacks.

Superhero Archery Skills

Ollie’s training with Yao Fei was largely an exercise in mental fortitude. There was a little bit of the bow and arrow training, but not nearly enough time to train Ollie to become Starling City’s vigilante archer. His training with Slade Wilson marked the start of more physical training, and while Ollie was able to defend himself during some of his more recent confrontations, he wasn’t armed with a bow and arrow for his mission with Slade. With Yao Fei under Fyer’s thumb at the moment, I’m curious to find out when Ollie will pick up that bow and arrow again and make it his weapon of choice.

Mastery of Multiple Languages

At some point, Ollie will learn Mandarin (and perhaps a number of other spoken Chinese languages) and Russian. With the island once being a Chinese prison, Mandarin makes sense. I suppose the island could also be in close proximity to Russian territories making Russian a somewhat logical language choice as well. Why, when, and how Ollie learns these languages remains a mystery tied to Ollie’s time on the island.

Bratva in the Russian Mob

We know that at some point, Ollie gains trusted status with an underground Russian organization. By the time he gets back to Starling City, he’s a high ranking official within the organization and is able to use his ties to help him get information about the criminals he’s pursuing. We really haven’t seen how any Russian organization is tied to the island so that’s definitely a question that Arrow still has to answer for us in Ollie’s flashbacks.


By the time Ollie gets back to Starling City, his body is covered in tattoos and scars. Some of the minor scars are understandable considering the number of times Ollie’s been hurt on the island already, but some of the more major looking scars must have stories behind them that Arrow has yet to explore.


In the same way that Ollie’s scars have stories behind them, we can only assume that Ollie’s tattoos from his time on the island carry a meaningful significance. The most recent episode of Arrow showed us that Ollie had the same tattoo as Yao Fei’s daughter so I expect we’ll be getting the story behind Ollie’s dragon tattoo in the coming flashbacks.


Are there any other island mysteries you’re anxiously waiting for Arrow to answer through Ollie’s island flashbacks? Let me know in the comments below!