90210 Season 5 Review “Brother From Another Mother” – Oh, Sister

There is just no cliched phrase that the writers of 90210 won’t turn into a title, is there? Because in this week’s episode Naomi tracked down her and Annie’s half-brother, we got “Brother From Another Mother,” which kind of isn’t true, at least not for Naomi herself, since she and new character Mark have the same mother. But I quibble.

In order to keep herself from jumping in the sack with the next hot guy to come along, Naomi decided that the next hot guy to come along would need to be a blood relative, so she tracked down the real Mark. Unfortunately, he wanted nothing to do with her or Annie or Dixon. Since when did anyone’s express wishes ever stop Naomi from trying to get her way, though? She even went so far as to set up a food truck competition judged by Wulfgang Puck (random celebrity guest of the week) just so that Mark could win and she could work with him to start his own restaurant.

While it was nice to see someone tell Naomi she was crazy, in the end, Annie gave their half-brother a mini sob-speech about Naomi needing a big brother, and he agreed to let her help him open that restaurant, as long as there would be no more crazy antics. Well, fool you once, shame on you, but fool you twice…

Meanwhile, Adrianna discovered that, in addition to being charged with indecent exposure, her career might not immediately bounce back from her latest naked stunt. She decided to take some time off from her career. At the same time, Dixon was trying to revitalize his, and he might have found a new songbird in the form of McKayla, Silver’s surrogate womb who seems to have zero interest in having Silver and Teddy’s baby. She is far more into surfing, drinking, having sex with Navid, and possibly becoming a recording star. So…why did she sign up for this again? I kind of don’t blame Silver for freaking out about this whole potential pregnancy; this is her one shot in life to have a child. Why isn’t anyone but her taking it seriously? Why are people like Adrianna making her feel bad for it?

As for Liam, it took nearly chocking Adrianna during a flashback for him to finally admit that he might have anger issues. His solution to his problem was to take a sledgehammer to the empty box that his stalker was going to use to send him to Mexico. I would have started with confronting her in court, but that’s not nearly as a dramatic. I also would have had him remove his shirt in order to destroy the box, though.

And Navid? Well, he’s being Navid, getting in way too deep with the shady Kronos society. For someone so supposedly smart, he sure can be ridiculously naive. I kind of hope McKayla gets pregnant with his baby before she’s impregnated with Silver and Teddy’s. Not only might Teddy let Silver carry her own baby (you know, like a human being would), but it might make Navid interesting again.

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