2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Broken Hip”

2 Broke Girls Season 2 Episode 17 And the Broken Hip (2)

On the latest episode of “2 Broke Girls,” entitled “And the Broken Hip,” the girls ran afoul of hipsters, lawyers and…puppeteers? Oh, my! Actually, make that one particular puppeteer: J. Petto (get it?), who sets up shop outside the girls’ cupcake storefront, blocking the entrance. The girls are not pleased, and Caroline is just as un-amused by all the aforementioned hipsters, who have turned out in droves when Max had the bright idea to make specialty cupcakes patterned after 90’s pop culture, such as a smashed cupcake called the Tanya Harding.

Caroline: “Why are there so many hipsters here? Are we selling stupid hats and telling them they’re more talented than they actually are?”
Max: “No, that’s already a store. It’s called ‘Fedorable’.”

Once she gets wind of what Max is up to, Caroline can’t wait to join in on the fun.

Caroline: “How about we call the day-olds the Hugh Hefners?”
Max: “That’s not 90’s.”
Caroline: “He’s in his nineties and he’s stale and hard.”

Then they see the puppeteer and are even more taken aback. Max pegs him as a serial killer, which is understandable, as he’s played by Andy Dick, who has always skeeved me out. I’m shocked no one has cast him as one already, though technically he isn’t playing a murderer here, either. Your move, “Criminal Minds” or “CSI.” Either way, his behavior is super-creepy, including a scene in which he molests poor Caroline with one of his puppets.

Max: “Total serial killer. It’s just a matter of time until we’re hung on strings in his basement.”
Caroline: “And I probably just got puppet herpes… (turning to puppeteer, in regards to Max’s snarky comments) She doesn’t mean to be negative.”
Max: “She’s right. I was planning to be all positive until your doll raped her leg.”

J. Petto isn’t amused and refuses to evacuate the premises, so Max and Caroline decide to play hardball, especially Max. No surprise there.

Max: “Hey, doll man! You don’t want to mess with us. I make one call to the cops, they do a background check and I’m pretty sure you’ll go from J. Petto to J. Petto-phile.”

Petto later rushes in the shop to confront the girls, and he slips on a cupcake a customer drops. The next thing you know, the girls are face to face with a lawsuit. A courier comes in the diner to serve the papers, to Caroline’s dismay.

Caroline: “Max, I just got served.”
Max: “He go after your bangs? ‘Cause that’s where I would start.”

Han is not amused to see the girls sitting around work, fretting about it. He approaches their table and lets them have a piece of his mind.

Han: “I hope everything was satisfactory. Can I get you ladies anything else? Like a strong work ethic?”

If their situation doesn’t improve soon, they may have to get another job, as the cupcake shop is teetering on going out of business as it stands. To make matters worse, they have no insurance. Hoping to mend fences with J. Petto, they go over to his department, with Caroline giving Max pointers on how to behave herself, as he opens the door.

Caroline: “We’re charming, we’re sorry…”
Max: “We’re drunk. Well, I am. How else do you think I was gonna pull off charming? (Cue creepy girl puppet walking out to greet the girls.) Oh, I am not drunk enough for this (thinks it over). I’m kind of surprised- I did not think he’d have a girlfriend.”

They enter his doll-laden abode, with puppets hanging everywhere from the ceiling.

Caroline: “It’s like we’re in a dead body car wash.”
Max: “I had a nightmare that I had a nightmare like this one…Dexter, party of one.”

The girls discover he’s actually suing them for injuries sustained by the puppet, not himself. They somehow manage to talk him into a trade- they’ll give J. Petto some hush money if he’d pull the lawsuit. Also, Caroline has to stop with the witty repartee. This will be easier said than done. As soon as they are out of the vicinity, Max is almost filled to the bursting point with bad puns and the like.

Max: “Valley of the Dolls, Return to the Valley of the Dolls, Chucky, Bride of Chucky, Hello Dolly, Dollywood, the Dali Lama. Those are the things I was holding in. Wait… Doll and Oates!”

When the girls get the money he asked for, by playing 90’s trivia contest, which Max considers as step above stripping for a living. He tries to up the ante, but the girls won’t budge. Max gets a little more wary of the always-sketchy J. Petto.

Max: “This is where he cuts us in half and sews my top to your bottom. On the plus side, we’d look amazing.”

Taking matters into their own hands- or at least Max does- she takes a prized puppet from J. Pettos’ apartment. J. Petto is frantic and follows them back to the cupcake store, where Max faux-tortures the puppet with naked Barbies. He is not amused, either. The girls decide to make a deal.

Caroline: “[Stop the lawsuit] and we’ll give you back Pierre, perfectly intact.”
Max: “Minus his virginity, of course. But don’t worry, you’ll still have yours!”

J. Petto agrees and the exchange is made, and he stays true to his word and packs up his things outside, leaving the girls triumphant. Even so, they still balk at getting insurance. What are you gonna do?

So, what did you think of “2 Broke Girls”? Did you get a kick out of Dick? Or did you find him too creepy to be funny? What are your stances on hipsters? Let me know in the comments!