The Amazing Race 2013 Season 22 Review “Business In The Front, Party In The Back”

Eleven teams begin the 22nd season of The Amazing Race, but only three will make it to the finale at the end of 21 days. Beginning at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, the racers speed to the row backpacks like a scene straight out of The Hunger Games. They tear open the envelopes and learn they are heading to Bora Bora. The teams are split onto two separate flights, and it doesn’t take long before the “alliances” are formed. Unsurprisingly, before the end of the episode, one team was already going back on its promise to its allies.

On the beautiful Tahitian beaches, the teams get their next clue. When a clue describes taking a “giant leap” and there’s a picture of a helicopter, the best strategy is to volunteer your partner. I can’t even imagine standing on the edge of the helicopter and hopping off. Obstetrician/twin Jamil’s thought, “You’re leaving a perfectly good helicopter,” is exactly what I would be thinking. No doubt, though, it is a once in a lifetime experience that you would never forget. I’d still volunteer my friend.

The teams must then search for their next clue in tiny sandcastles. I couldn’t help but hear Robin Sparkles in my head as they knocked them down and rebuilt them. Each team complains about the brutal sun and quickly becomes frustrated. One of the most important things to bring on the race has to be sunscreen. Towhead John looks like he’s going to be in a world of hurt if he’s forgotten his.

At less than 5 minutes in, I had my first choice for who should go home. As an animal lover, I find mullet-wielding Chuck and his love of killin’, eatin’, and mountin’ animals — revoltin’. I love that every time they show him, The Amazing Race plays this crazy hillbilly banjo music. My second vote for going home is Meghan and Joey. While YouTube must love the free publicity, Joey is as grating as internet darling/train wreck Chris Crocker.

My third vote goes to first place racers, Jessica and John. As soon as they cross the finish line, they’re already planning to go back on their word to give the express pass to the second place team. As we learned from the horrible twinies last season, The Amazing Race isn’t synonymous with honesty or integrity. So, it’s not shocking that they would turn so quickly, but the preview for next week of John saying, “This is a race, it’s not an honesty competition,” is still aggravating. When will the other racers learn that the Survivor aspect has crept into this show and they can no longer trust anyone?

It’s only the first leg and the bottom three teams are ready to take a penalty in order to end the sandcastle task. If you lose after doing that, you have it coming. The firefighters are the first to go home and complain that they were beaten by two blonde girls and will never hear the end of it at the firehouse. If it’s any consolation, I’m pretty sure they aren’t real blondes.

It’s funny to watch the contestants in the first episode when they are still wide-eyed and awed by everything around them. That should change in a couple of episodes after the fatigue and stress take their toll.

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