Revenge Season 2 Review “Sacrifice” – Farewell

Revenge Season 2 Episode 14 Sacrifice (2)
At the beginning of this season of Revenge, we were teased with an image of Jack’s sunken boat, and a burned male hand bearing a wedding ring floating in the deep water. Well, it took over half a season, but this week’s episode, “Sacrifice,” finally revealed the fate of the Amanda…but unfortunately it was the same fate as the woman who took on the identity of the boat’s namesake.

While out on the open sea, on the way to their honeymoon, Jack and Amanda were accosted by Conrad’s latest henchman, as expected. Jack getting shot, though, wasn’t part of the plan, and Amanda had to put him on the dingy and send him off, bleeding and dying, in order to save his life.

Much to his luck, Emily and Nolan had been tracking phone and computer signals to find Jack and Amanda ever since Emily noticed a face in the port window of the boat capture in the final picture of the happy newlyweds. Emily was especially motivated as she discovered Amanda had used her laptop to blackmail Conrad. Surprisingly, it was Ashley who gave Emily that heads up, proving that she might not be as loyal to the Graysons, or at least not as ruthless as them.

So, Nolan and Emily found Jack and Nolan got him back to shore, but Emily took the dingy and went after Amanda. On the boat, a massive fight ensued, and it might have only claimed the bad guy if Amanda hadn’t gone back for Emily’s necklace. An explosion blew shrapnel into her stomach and she died in Emily’s arms in the lifeboat after making Emily promise to look after her family.

I have to admit, I got a little choked up, but it might have been Emily’s reaction to her death. It was only in those final moments that she was able to tell her faithful friend, the woman who literally gave Emily her name and her identity, that she loved her. Emily truly grieved this loss, maybe in a way she didn’t even grieve for her father. I imagine it will be the thing that sets her back on the path of vengeance, since I think we can all agree that she’s strayed from it this season. The Graysons have fresh blood on their hands, and hopefully nothing will stop Emily now.

Speaking of the Graysons, it looks like they might get away with the murder of Helen Crowley, since Victoria had the brilliant idea to frame Amanda for her mysterious disappearance. Still, I was a little unclear as to whether the Initiative think she’s been compromised, which would imply that they believe she’s betrayed them, or if their definition of compromise means dead. It was nice to see Torchwood’s Burn Gorman playing the new Initiative contact, though.

Nolan also brought Padma and Aiden together this week, when Padma needed to hear the truth about the people who took her father. She did what Aiden should have done with his sister, and demanded to see proof that her father was alive before she would deliver any further information on Nolan’s computer program. They sent her one of her father’s fingers.

So, goodbye Amanda. Welcome back, revenge-fueled Emily. And as for the Graysons…we’re going to need a bigger boat.

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