Pretty Little Liars Season 3: Spiraling Spencer

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 18 Dead to Me (16)

Since learning the duplicitous truth about her boyfriend Toby (Keegan Allen) – the fact that he is part of the “A” team – on Pretty Little Liars, Spencer Hastings (series regular Troian Bellisario) has been spiraling out of control.

As we clearly saw after the fallout of Spencer finding the sanatorium badge hidden in a drawer at Toby’s apartment and after confronting him with that badge, Spencer learned the horrible fact that he was working with Mona (series regular Janel Parrish). At first, much like the five stages of grief, she was under a blanket of denial, going to his apartment begging outside his front door to tell her that what just happened – the mini-showdown she had in her kitchen with him – wasn’t real; that she was misunderstanding the situation.

It then became apparent that Spencer quickly moved onto anger, which was clearly on display when she stood up to Mona at school about told that she has “been off her A game” and then confronting Mona shortly before the decathlon – did anyone see how the girls have reversed roles in so much as Spencer was the one screaming at someone and getting violent while Mona was on the receiving end and just think “what the hell just happened there?”.

And, what was up with that whole world quiz-off between Spencer and her classmate Andrew (recurring actor Brandon Jones) especially when she dared him with the strip aspect of the competition?!

Now that she has advanced to the anger stage, how quickly do you think she will move onto bargaining? Will she attempt to bargain with Mona and Toby (if he shows his face in Rosewood any time soon that is) to get them to back off? And would that work anyway. What will happen when she finally comes clean with Hanna (series regular Ashley Benson), Emily (series regular Shay Mitchell) and Aria (series regular Lucy Hale)? What kind of reactions will each of these girls have when the truth about Toby is revealed?

And when she has moved on from the bargaining table, which will almost assuredly be as quickly as she has moved through the other stages of grief so far, how long will she linger in depression? And if her display of anger toward Mona is any example, once she has succumbed to the depression, how much worse is she going to behave? Spencer is already hanging on by a thread and slipping into the depression state of grief, well, that’s just going to be BAD!

Of course, as everyone knows, the final stage of grief is acceptance; but, truth be told, I cannot see where Spencer will ever be able to get to that stage because of the level of betrayal for which Toby has inflicted on her and by proxy on the other girls too. But, as the old adage goes, “time will tell” what direction Spencer will head, but either way, it isn’t going to be pretty.

We will all have to tune into ABC Family for the next new episode of the third season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ tomorrow, February 19 at 8/7c to find out just how far Spencer will spiral through the stages of grief over Toby.