Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “Manhattan” – Family Ties

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 14 Manhattan (6)
Even though it wasn’t much of a surprise at this point to discover that Baelfire, Rumpelstiltskin’s long lost son is actually Henry’s father, Neil, this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, “Manhattan,” was still an excellent hour of television, in particular the last few minutes.

The one thing that we didn’t discover is exactly how Baelfire didn’t age during the many, many years between the time he and Rumple were separated and the time the curse was enacted. We don’t even know exactly how much time that is, but (and I actually heard this from writer Jane Espenson during the Gallifrey One convention in LA this weekend) it’s estimated to be centuries. So, if you believe that Baelfire went to Neverland and became Peter Pan, you still could be right.

What we do know now is that the pivotal moment that defined the course of Rumple’s life, his cowardice on the battlefield when he was still human, was actually prompted by a reading he received from a blind seer. But in the grand tradition of prophecies, by trying to avoid his fate, Rumple actually made it all happen.

He did so well, in fact, that in another century and in another universe, Baelfire was still trying to get away from his father. They were brought back together, though, by the fact that he is Henry’s father, which makes for a dizzing family tree, one that even Snow and Charming couldn’t get their heads around. My question is…did Regina know all along that she adopted Rumple’s son, or was it another of those non-coincidences that happen in these interlinked worlds?

That remains to be seen, as does how Rumple will deal with the seer’s final prophecy, made many years after he became the Dark One: before being defeated by him, the seer predicted that a young boy would lead Rumple back to his son, but that the boy would be his downfall. Oh dear. Watch out, Henry. If there’s one thing Rumple cares about most in the world, even more than Belle, it’s self-preservation.

Speaking of Belle, Regina used her this week to find a hidden map that will lead her and Cora to where Rumple buried his dagger. They want to take control of Rumple and have him kill Snow and Charming and Emma, so that Henry won’t blame Regina. If Regina has half a brain at all, she will hopefully see through this lie, and realize her mother just wants power.

Whether it’s wielded by Regina or Cora or Rumple, magic might be needed to save Storybrooke, since the man who drove his car into their town is in no hurry to leave, especially now that he’s recorded Regina using magic on his phone. Still no clue as to who he or the mysterious “Her” are, but I doubt they’re up to any good.

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