Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “Mike The Tease”

Mike & Molly Season 3 Episode 15 Mike the Tease (2)

Mike & Molly are on the fast track to having a baby now that Mike has had his “white army” tested! While tonight’s episode was titled “Mike the Tease”, most of the storyline focused on Mike getting teased. From jokes about breakfast burritos to his excessive time spent in front of the microwave, everyone was a comedian and a doctor in this latest episode as they all tried to figure out what’s wrong with the poor guy’s inability to make a baby.

When Mike wasn’t the butt of the jokes, Vince was with his new door to door sales jobs. From selling vacuums to solar energy, Victoria and Molly laugh at Vince’s expense and the fact that he doesn’t want to be a manwh*re. The taunting ends with Victoria and Molly losing out on a new allowance Vince was going to give them! Samuel has found some side work too. After Carl shared that he put four new tires on his blazer after selling his sperm, Samuel is out to make his half of the cable bill. At the same bank a nervous Mike sits with Carl who brings him plenty of literature to get the job done. A couple of magazines, Mike enters the room armed and tired, worried that if he can’t have children Molly will leave.

Mike’s mom also tries to help by bringing soup by Molly’s classroom. Aside from scaring a kid in the middle of detention, Mike’s mom also offers up some of her own advice. The whole episode makes Molly cringe but it also makes her realize that Mike is insecure. Mike and Molly finally have a heart to heart with both feeling better over their efforts at having a baby. In the end Mike gets the good news that he’s not the problem.