Bones Season 8 Review “The Friend in Need” – Sweets Shares More About His Painful Past

Bones Season 8 Episode 16 The Friend in Need

In this episode of Bones, called “The Friend in Need,” the team searches for the murderer of a young boy found in a suitcase and as the investigation continues, Sweets discovers a sobering connection to the case.

Well, so much for my theory that this episode would be all light and funny after the seriousness of last week’s episode. I mean sure there were a lot of light and funny moments, but that all changed when that girl walked into Sweets’ office with her story. Honestly, it’s been so long since we’ve heard any mention of those awful scars on his back, that I’d nearly forgotten that he’d had a rough childhood. What a beautifully poignant way to revisit his story again. If Kat had told a woman the story, or even Booth for that matter, it still would have been a shocking and heartbreaking moment. But to have it told to Sweets, and then to have him respond by opening up about his own abuse; it was as amazing as it was sad.

Is it just me or does it feel like this season the writers are trying very hard to make sure that every single character has some fantastic character arcs? They aren’t just giving these characters more screen time, they are giving them important scenes and stories that are adding to our knowledge and understanding of them all. I keep waiting for an episode that is nothing but fluff, but it hasn’t happened in a while and I gotta say I’m loving it.

As for the lighter side of this episode, I enjoyed both the storyline about Booth and Brennan’s discussion over the crossword puzzle. The fact that she had never heard of Gilligan’s Island was hilarious and in the end, I too wondered if he was letting her “win” every once in a while so that she could feel smarter. I also got a kick out of the Cam/Finn/Michelle debacle. First with the lies, then with all the truth that ultimately ended in one important secret (Michelle not being able to tell Finn about Cam and Arastoo) was adorable.

My favorite bits..

“Fifty cents?” – It’s kinda wrong how hard that made me laugh.

Brennan claiming that the paper was billed in her name so technically it was hers.

Booth muttering “lucky guess” while Brennan was solving the puzzle.

“Where is it?”
“Hollywood. It’s in Hollywood.”

“Is it wrong that this reminds me that I need a vacation?”

Hodgins accusing Finn of blushing.

Brennan making everyone uncomfortable by talking about Cam’s daughter and Finn’s sex life. Oh, dear.

“The boy didn’t climb in a suitcase and throw himself off a bridge.”

“You’re suggesting cause of death is stupidity?”
“Well, it wouldn’t be the first time.”

Sweets asking Booth if they should play understanding psychologist and flinty FBI agent.

Finn getting so excited by Michelle’s offer to stay at his place that he forgot to get his money out of the machine.

Trying to picture Brennan doing her high school report on the effects of alcohol on coordination. Would’ve been hilarious if she had been her own subject.

“As a former juvenile delinquent, I assume you’d have a string of bad decisions behind you.”

That poor girl telling her story to Sweets. I can’t believe her mother told her not to tell the police. Wow.

Finn finally spilling the beans to Cam about Michelle being in town.

Cam coming up with a brilliant plan for Finn to save his relationship with Michelle, while still allowing her yell at her daughter.

“I have a daughter too and I would do anything it took to make sure she knew that I would fight for her.”

Sweets opening up to Kat about being beaten by his foster father. The part that killed me was when he said the guy did it for “sport.”

“No matter how hard or painful it is, it is better to face what happened.”

Cam doing an awesome job at acting as if she had just accidentally happened upon Finn and Michelle.

Cam’s little smile as she walked away after reading Michelle the riot act.

“You’ve been reading my psychology books again.”
“You leave them in the bathroom. They’re good reading in the tub.”

“I’d really like not to, but you’re personally avoiding me personally so it’s very hard not to take it personally.”

Cam telling Michelle the truth about the set-up and suggesting they keep yet another secret.

Cam admitting that she was seeing someone, trying to keep it secret and then finally blurting out that it was Arastoo. Way to hold out, Cam.

Finding Angela’s demonstration of how the victim fit into the suitcase a little nauseating.

“You can’t wash it all away, Nick. Especially when she’s looking.”

Sweets breaking in on Booth and Brennan interrogating Nick.

Booth, Brennan and Sweets tricking Nick into confessing to rape and murder.

Sweets being able to keep his promise to Kat.

Brennan and Booth debating Gilligan’s Island.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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