The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Red Team/Blue Team”

It looks like The Good Wife’s brief hiatus was a good thing. This was the first episode in a while that I’ve enjoyed from beginning to end. It probably had something to do with the fact that I absolutely love Elsbeth and I’m always happy for her to show up.

A few thoughts about “Red Team/Blue Team”:

The case of the week was kind of different in that there wasn’t really a case. The firm took on the case of an energy drink manufacturer. He was being sued by the family of a 16 year old girl who had a seizure and died as a result of drinking his energy drink. The plaintiff’s attorney didn’t want to accept the initial settlement, so they decided to take the case to trial. However, before actually going to trial, the energy drink manufacturer requested Will and Diane to run a mock trial so he could get a sense of what would happen at a real trial. Will and Diane tasked Alicia and Carey with acting as plaintiff’s counsel. Alicia and Carey pretty much destroyed Will and Diane at the mock trial, so the client decided to settle the case. One thing I will say, Will and Diane should be thankful that they have Alicia and Carey on their side. Although, they may not have Carey for long.

In what I would consider one of the most dirty, underhanded, lousy, greedy, and heartless moves ever, the equity partners decided to rescind the 5 offers of partnership they extended to the associates. Once the partners realized that the firm was not only out of debt but was going to have a surplus of more than $100 million dollars, they decided they didn’t want to make any of those associates partners. They no longer needed their capital contributions. The trip about all of that is that the only reason the firm was out from under their debt and able to have a surplus was because of all the hard work of those very associates that they just screwed over. Alicia, Carey and the others were understandably furious about what the partners did, so they banded together to try to force the partners’ hand. However, Will came up with the idea to just offer a partnership to one of them and that would break up their unit cohesion. They offered the partnership to Alicia and she took it.

On the one hand, I can totally understand why Alicia accepted the partnership. It’s moving up in her career. It’s something that she wanted. It’s a very positive step for her and her family. But on the other hand, it was kind of a cowardly move. She knew they were offering her the partnership just to break up the 5 associates’ bargaining position. She’s the one that made the suggestion that they should fight back and now she just dumps them without any real consideration? That’s almost as wrong as what the partners did. And it strikes me as funny that Alicia had no problem accepting a partnership offer under these conditions, yet she was so offended when she found out they initially offered her the partnership just to get her capital contribution. I also think this is going to change the nature of Alicia and Carey’s relationship. They were supposed to be in this thing together, and Alicia jumped ship as soon as the going got tough. Carey’s mouth said that he was happy for Alicia, but his body language and his eyes said something entirely different. I get the sense that he feels betrayed, and even though a part of him probably understands why she accepted the offer, another part of him feels like she should have stuck with the group. I don’t expect Carey to stick around Lockhart and Gardner much longer. I probably wouldn’t if I were him.

Eli also had some problems this week. He went to his first meeting with the Justice Department attorneys regarding his possible campaign finance crimes. They played a recording of Eli they obtained from a wire tap that they claimed demonstrated his criminal activities. They wanted him to wear a wire to get dirt on Peter, but he refused. His lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni (the always wonderful Carrie Preston) discovered that they’d lied on their application to the judge for a warrant to wire tap Eli in the first place. They only had 2 recordings of dirty conversations, when they needed 3 to meet the threshold for a warrant. When Elsbeth presented this to the lead prosecutor, he ripped up her copy, changed the number on the original, and dared her to try to prove any of it when they went to court. He shouldn’t have messed with Elsbeth and Eli. Eli finally agreed to wear the wire, but only to get information on Jordan not Peter. But Elsbeth and Eli had a pretty awesome trick up their sleeve. Instead of going back to the campaign headquarters, Eli went to David LaGuardia’s office and got him on tape admitting that they only had 2 conversations. Genius. People look at how scatterbrained and slightly off Elsbeth is and they tend to underestimate her, but they really shouldn’t. Yes, she’s perky and quite quirky. (Yes, I’m aware that rhymed.) But she’s also one heck of a lawyer.

I kind of feel bad for Eli right now. Peter is slowly but surely pushing him out of the campaign and letting Jordan take over. I can’t say that I blame Peter. Being someone’s campaign manager is a full time job and requires all your focus. Especially if it’s someone like Peter who’s had such a, let’s say, colorful, past. Eli has been distracted with his own legal woes, and that just can’t happen. But at the same time, Eli has worked too hard for Peter to treat him with such disrespect. If Peter feels that Eli is no longer up to the challenge, then he should man up and confront Eli about it. Not hide out and refuse to take Eli’s calls. They’ve been through too much together for him to treat Eli that way. And I still feel like this whole Justice Department thing was somehow orchestrated either by Maddie or Mike Kresteva so that Peter’s campaign would fall apart. Also as an aside, I don’t like Jordan. He’s an arrogant schmuck.

This was a very solid hour for The Good Wife. It would be great if more of the episodes were as entertaining as this one was. Just because Eli seems to have gotten rid of the illegal wire tap tape, I hope that storyline isn’t completely finished because I absolutely adore Elsbeth and want to see more of her. It’s going to be interesting to see how Carey decides to proceed from this point and how much it’s going to affect his and Alicia’s relationship. It’s also pretty evident that Will and Alicia are still pretty hot for each other. Which is kind of weird since Alicia has been hooking up with Peter again. I’m still confused (and slightly grossed out) about that relationship. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Good Wife?