Person of Interest Season 2 Review “Booked Solid”

Most weeks, I praise the guest stars on Person of Interest. It was exciting to see that this week’s person of interest Mira, an ethnic Albanian whose family was murdered in the Kosovo war, was none other than Alias alumnae Mia Maestro. If J.J. Abrams is taking requests for more Alias cameos, I’d like to cast my vote for Ron Rifkin, Kevin Weisman, or Michael Vartan. Ok, I’d also be happy with Victor Garber or Jennifer Garner. See what you started J.J.? Maestro’s appearance was almost as cruel a tease as the Star Trek preview before The Hobbit.

Back to Team Machine…this week Mira is identified by the machine, and Reese and Finch go undercover at the hotel where she works. When entering the hotel, Finch comments that there are 700 guests and one is planning a murder. It sounds like the world’s worst game of Clue. Unsurprisingly, this made for a complicated web of unsavory people. Possible suspects included the hotel staff, a leachy CEO, the obnoxious hotel manager, prostitutes, a freelance journalist, and hit men. And there was also the intrigue of Serbian war crimes. There was a lot going on – almost too much. It was good to have more scenes with Finch and Reese together unraveling the mystery. Their constant separation is usually my biggest complaint, and this week it wasn’t as much of an issue.

One of the other highlights was the reappearance of Zoe. I still think back fondly on her time with Reese in the burbs. Their elevator run-in was fantastic. It was funny when she asked him if he was working, even though he was dressed in a bellboy uniform. They stand side by side and have the best smirks on their faces. I think we’re being teased again – did anything happen between them in their dream home? I almost hope not so we can build that up more in the future. I love the idea of Reese and Zoe. She is his equal in terms of power, bends the rules much in the same way he does, and, while it was questionable at first, she now seems like one of the good guys. Person of Interest needs to give us one good lip lock between these two before the end of the season.

As if there wasn’t enough going on, Carter and Fusco jump into things. We see that Carter’s personal relationship is progressing, which is good. However, I thought when Agent Donnelly was murdered that we were finally going to be done with the FBI angle. Not quite yet. The FBI is back and approaches Carter about becoming a field agent. I’ve talked before about how ridiculous and unnecessary I think this is. Sure, we’ll just whip out a polygraph tonight, make some phone calls for references, and you’ll have the job. Fusco does his typical routine of coming in as back up for the crisis. It may be time to give his character more substance or have him be the first Team Machine casualty.

We had quite a few twists at the end of the episode, so this week, I’d like to read your thoughts about where the show is (or should be) going between now and the end of the season. Are you ready to see more of Root? Are you a Zoe-Reese fan? Does Fusco have a meaningful role on Team Machine or do you think he’ll be sacrificed to a dramatic storyline? Are we going to get closure on any of our storylines (i.e., Kara Stanton, HR, Elias…)?
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  • Jessica

    I actually like the way the Fusco is being used in the story. He shows up for backup when they need it, but he’s more on the periphery. I admit that I would like to get a little more backstory about him, but I hope they don’t sacrifice him. He and Carter bring different dynamics to their relationships with John and Harold.

    I’m anxious for John and Harold to take down Root. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive her for what she did to Harold. And I don’t think John will either. She’s bad code.

    I enjoyed last night’s episode, but I will say this one thing. If the guy who just saved your life from assassins says, “Wait here.” Then for the love of God, wait there! Otherwise you end up in the elevator with another assassin. Ok, I’m done.

  • Marianne

    This was another favorite of mine. Loved it when Reese spared the wicked assassin’s life near the end, and wonder if this same assassin will spare Reese his life if he gets the orders to kill him again. And seeing Root at the end? Priceless!

  • Quachett

    The Root twist was expected as the machine has been gliching a bit, I dont know if you saw it but the machine was showing matrix like numbers in flashes. She seems to be getting close to the machine

    • Courtney

      Good point. What do you suspect her endgame is with the machine if she were to actually get control of it?

  • Fred

    Root is great! Looks like the sweet girl next door and pulls off her villain’s role with the best of them. Do not knock her off, rather just tuck her away so she can escape and come back.