Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Review “Hard Bargain”

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 15 Hard Bargain (9)
I guess after nine seasons on the air, the writers at Grey’s Anatomy have grown tired of ordinary patient-driven drama. Although the patients haven’t altogether been abandoned, this season will definitely be remembered for the crash fallout.

As expected, Callie’s grand idea of buying the hospital was met with mixed reactions. Arizona wanted to save Mark’s share for Sophia and Derek rightfully questioned whether or not any of them were qualified to actually run a hospital. Very good question, Derek. Best reaction to the idea? Christina. Hands down.

I don’t know who was having the tougher day – Owen or Derek.

If Derek wasn’t experiencing survivors guilt, he certainly was after Arizona pointed out the fact that he survived the crash, had full use of his hands back and got a hefty payout from the lawsuit. Her accusation of his egomaniacal was exacerbated by the image of Derek’s pearly whites and fantastic hair plastered all over the hospital. Although no one can deny that Patrick Dempsey is attractive, his gigantic head on the doors of the elevator was just scary. Kudos to Shane for doing such a great job at defacing the McScary posters!

Ultimately, I think Owen won the award for crappiest day. With the sale of the hospital hanging in the balance, the only thing that seemed to keep Owen going was the support of his friends. He’s getting his balls busted by Cahill, the staff is on the verge of mutiny and just the slightest disruption could destroy any hope of Pegasus buying Seattle Grace. How crushing was it to see him thank Derek for his support, only to see Derek hatch a plan that was good for the hospital but terrible for Owen. To make things worse, Christina had to keep the plan a secret from Owen as well. So much for that reconciliation – for now. Thanks to a mass exodus of his best doctors – and friends – the Pegasus deal is off the table. Poor Owen.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Grey’s Anatomy without some relationship drama. Alex was shocked by the revelation that Jo had another suitor at the hospital. I guess I was shocked too. How in the world is Jo finding the time to be an intern, spend hours outside the hospital hanging out at Alex’s place and entertain new suitors?

April tried her hand at getting closer to Matthew and re-establishing her friendship with Jackson. It turns out that Matthew is April in a man’s body in that he is saving himself for marriage. It was sweet that Jackson finally gave his friend some support, but I think he may have made a good point about April needing a mental health checkup given her views on being “re-virginized.”

With Pegasus out of the way, it is time for the doctors to step up. I’m more concerned about how they fix things with Owen than I am about their plan to save the hospital. What did you think of this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Sound off below!