Whitney Season 2 Review “Snapped”

On this week’s “Whitney,” it was only a matter of time, but someone on this show finally “Snapped.” To few people’s surprise, that person was Whitney herself, though not without good reason. It seems that Alex’s brother Brian (Ken Marino) was in town visiting and came by for a visit, which would be fine if he weren’t such a raging D-Bag. Alex was used to this by now, but his wife, Michelle (Leslie Grossman) was still trying to wrap her head around it, as was Whitney.

Eventually, things inevitably came to a head, with Whitney going off on Brian, much to Michelle’s amusement. However, Alex asked her to back down, saying he could handle anything the guy could dish out.

Alex: “Alright, I want you to go back out there and whatever your instincts tell you to do, I want you to do the opposite.”
Whitney: “Ugh. Last time I did that, I made friends.”

Michelle did not take well to this kinder, gentler Whitney and didn’t hesitate to tell her so.

Michelle: “Ten minutes ago, you tore him (Brian) a well-deserved new one. Now you’re just chuckling like an idiot. Who are you, Alex?”

Recognizing she might have been a little harsh, Michelle apologized profusely.

Michelle: “I’m sorry I yelled at you.”
Whitney: “No, that was awesome! It’s like getting to see Oscar out of his garbage can.”

Meanwhile, Alex gets onto his brother, telling him that he can crack wise on him all he wants, but Whitney is off-limits. Surprisingly, Brian is fine with this, so long as he can give Alex hell, so all’s well that ends well.

Speaking of which, while all of this is going down, so is Lily’s semi-nefarious plan to get Mark and Roxanne together. She intends to have them bond over a shopping trip, but they get stuck trying to pull out of a parking space for so long, what magic ensues dissipates immediately in an angry rage.

Even a “Ghost”-style moment when their hands touch one another is cut short by Lily’s amusing meddling, as she cues up “Unchained Melody,” making them instantly uncomfortable. Finally, Mark has had enough and storms out of the car, especially when he realizes what Lily was up to. In his haste, he slips and falls on the ice and down he goes. Having trouble getting up, Lily and Roxanne go to help him, with Roxanne taking the lead. The two finally have a moment, and it looks like we’ll be seeing these two hook up in the near future after all.

Some decent lines here and there, but this was a mildly-amusing episode at best. Here are some of my faves, such as they are:

Alex: “Don’t leave your socks in there (the bed). They give me snake dreams.”

Brian, on Alex & Whitney: “You two are the cutest lesbian couple I know.”

Alex, preferring Michelle’s meal to Whitney’s deli plate: “Come on, it’s pulled pork. I love pulled pork.”
Whitney: “Good, ‘cause you’re gonna have plenty of chances to pull it this weekend.”

Whitney, discovering deviled eggs in the fridge: “Seriously, Alex, I did not see those eggs before they appeared. I think she laid them.”

Whitney: “I buy clothes made by kids.”
Alex: “No, you buy clothes made for kids.”

Some good stuff on the whole, with good performances from Marino and Grossman as Alex’s brother and sister-in-law, but never as funny as you’d hope. In fact, I’m oddly getting used to the fact that “Whitney” is never as funny as I hope it will be, given Cummings’ undeniable prowess as a stand-up and comedy writer elsewhere, notably on “2 Broke Girls” and her weekly talk show “Love You, Mean It.” Why that humor doesn’t come through on her own show is beyond me; yet there it is.

What did you think of this week’s “Whitney”? Do you agree with my assessment of her talents? Do you think she should simply quit while she’s ahead? After all, she’s got plenty to fall back on. What’s your favorite of her projects? Let me know in the comments!